The Predictable Tactics of Beaten Cowards

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UPDATE 2- Louis Marinelli has re-opened his blog, and, to his credit, realized how bad it looked to have wiped out hundreds of comments, especially ones that proved his bigotry and deception, and has replaced every single deleted comment unedited, including those which prove what he denies about his motives and actions. I'm a fair woman and will give credit where it's due. While I won't delete the parts of this blog entry about his deleting comments in the first place, because he DID do so, I wwill publicly commend Louis for finally showing he can be capable of honesty once in awhile.


No one with any modicum of intelligence and common sense believes the lies and distortions spread by the National Organization For Marriage and other allegedly civilized anti-equality groups like it. That's pretty much a given. I don't even need to point out all the abundance of proof out there that confirms the hypocrisy and bigotry that makes them all weepy whenever someone rightfully points it out and calls them bigots. Blogs all over the blogosphere have already dissected them in spades. Blogs like Good As You, Box Turtle Bulletin, Pam's House Blend, (which I occasionally cross-post to), and Holy Bullies & Headless Monsters all have numerous entries completely taking apart NOM's lies, fact-distortions, victim-claiming, and bullying. The evidence is out there.

No, THIS blog is about two specific big-time losers amonst the haters, who challenged me publicly, failed miserably, and tried desperately to spindoctor things to paint me as an emotional homofacsist who couldn't beat their arguments and resorted to screaming obscenities at them.

Of course since both men in question deleted major chunks of our conversation in history in their respective, (but far from respectable) blogs, they certainly can't prove that claim.

The two men, (and I use that term very loosely given their behavior), in question are self-proclaimed then vehemently denied NOM strategist Louis J Marinelli, and generally ignored and unheard of hate blogger and self-proclaimed hetero-separatist Carl Morris, AKA Mantronikk.

Both men are passionate bigots, hatemongers spreading fear through lies and distortions, both of whom swear up and down they aren't bigots or haters or liars but just good honest men fighting to protect traditional marriage from selfish gay folks. They don't HATE us mind you, they just expect us to believe their beliefs have more weight to define marriage law than true civil equality does.

I will pause for a moment while you all get your maniacal laughter under control.


Okay, now that we've all laughed at the silly whining little bullies claims of persecution, let's get to the meat of things.

Both of these men have, in their arrogance, publicly challenged me, (why I don't know, Pam or Alvin or Timothy are FAR more famous and could get the little weasels a LOT more press than an obscure paegan blogger like me ever could), to a debate (Carl) and to prove dishonesty (Louis). Both men were convinced of their superiority. Both men failed, BIG time.

First of all, as I said in my update last night to my last blog entry, Carl proved very clearly, in his own words, on his own blog, and in the comments of said last blog entry of mine, that, while publicly challenging me to a mature intelligent debate over marriage equality, his only real goal was to attempt to goad me into screaming at him so he could dismiss me as a nutjob with no valid points.

He of course failed miserably. Instead of freaking out on him, I continued to post, calmly pointing out his hypocrisy, and telling him our debate was on hold until he apologised for unneccesary childish insults like "The She-Man of Hedon" and "The Shemale of Heroin", agree to keep the discussion civil, and I would happily continue the debate. Predictably he tried to twist this into me making excuses to flee the debate in tears because I couldn't refute any of his claims. I once again, on his blog, my blog, and even Louis' blog where Carl first issued the challenge, that I was more than happy to continue once he apologised, and that the debate was on hold only because of his refusal to do so.

Realizing that he could not bully me into playing his game his way, and that he was NOT going to get the big nutjob freakout he needed to discredit me, he posted a blog publicly admitting that he deleted my last three comments, citing my refusal to answer one of his deceitful questions, of course completely disavowing the whole part about me simply waiting for him to apologise, which included me PROMISING to answer that very question once he did so. Like a true collossal failure he honestly believes he beat me while being completely oblivious to how his VERY OWN WORDS prove his bigotry and his failure to even come close to challenging me, let alone beating me. As evidenced by his childish comment to Louis' blog last night.

He followed up with the even more delusional "I've already banned her from my blog. She's all about her emotions and false accusations and name-calling. I think I'm finally rid of her. ". Sorry Carl, but the facts and evidence prove otherwise.

On the subject of Louis' blog, you might notice the comments section in that screencap looks different. That would bge because Louis completely deleted his entire blog's ENTIRE COMMENT HISTORY and switched from the default Google/Blogspot comment system to Disqus.

Except as we all know, Louis isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and his attempts to censor and distort the truth often backfire on him. First of all, I'm hardly the only one who's pointed out the sudden mysterious disappearance of hundreds of comments that wipe the floor with Louis' failed lies and prove his deception and bigotry. Secondly, while he himself has not, and of course will never acknoweldge the deletion, or that any older comments ever existed, (I'll bet money he swears there were no comments on his blog ever prior to adding Dusqus if pressed for a comment), his lack of thorough thought has screwed him once again as it has so many times before.

Ironically, on a blog entry targetting me to begin with. And after deleting his blog's comment history, he predictably forgot to go back and edit THIS blog. Why is that important?

Because Louis used a screencap of one of my now-deleted comments to his blog, proving unequivicobly that comments against his lies did in fact exist prior to yesterday, and that he did in fact wipe them all out like a coward.

Oh and notice how in that first screencap a few paragraphs back how Louis admits, (though for fabricated reasons) that he can't wait to blacklist me? Yeah Louis, censorship is the biggest indicator of a coward. When you cannot with fact or logic refute the facts and logic used to counter your stance, a reasonable intelligent person adapts his stance to the facts. An unreasonable bullying coward distorts the facts until they suit his stance.

Carl, Louis, you are both unreasonable men. You have both been caught lying, and even better, like the idiots you sadly are, you yourselves both confirmed everything I say about you IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You've both publicly said things that, while in your delusional worlds were awesome witty dismissals of me, were in fact only successful in vindicating me and destroying your lies. You yourselves have caused your straw houses to crumble. And all I had to do was confront you with facts that you can't ignore or distort, and you both fell apart like Legos.

Anyone can just point at a hater and say "That is a hateful bigot". But when you can use brutal honesty to trick the haters into revealing their hate and bigotry plain as day in their own words, it's truly a beautiful thing.

Louis' credibility, while never very high to begin with, is now completely destroyed. And Carl's poorly planned attempt to discredit me and get some internet fame at my expense backfired horribly. Both men, through their very own words and actions, have proven them to be lying, dishonest, hateful homophobic bullies. And all I had to do was tell the truth to make them do so.

Louis believes all gay folks are polygamous pedophiles. Carl thinks all gays are facsists trying to destroy society. And both men claim they are neither liars, bigots nor hateful. Louis has tried to dismiss me by saying my marriage isn't real so he isn't obligated to answer marriage questions I ask him. Carl posted this bullshit in response to someone pointing out to him that he was in fact holding the debate hostage by demanding an answer in exchange for his apology.

"I wouldv'e been happy to have an adult debate with the delusions-of-grandeur-having "Shaman," until she spoke to me with contempt. I normally don't play these type of juvenile games, but I'm also not going to wear a tuxedo in a bar fight. The "Shaman" will not answer my SIMPLE question about someone teaching HER kids that homosexuality was wrong without her consent and seeks to distract me from that fact with false accusations of "bigotry" and "hatemongering" and a avalanche of words that still don't answer my simple question. I've gone out of my way to denounce hatred in my manifesto (click on the "h" to see it), the definition of a "heteroseparatist," and my logo, and the "Shaman" comes at me accusing me of hate. She's just mad that I was able to alter ONE letter of her lofty title and add a hyphen and collapse her huge ego. And the fact that she is definitely not a lipstick/feminine lesbian only added to the strength of my improvised-psychological-device. I'm done trying to get through to abusive homofascists, hence the creation of my word/website/blog/concept...heteroSEPARATIST. I don't want to fight anyone, but when I'm cornered and attacked, I'm going to really surprise my attacker".

And yet HIS OWN BLOG offers an abundance of proof that he is lying through his teeth. As I pointed out yesterday, he was juvenile and derogatory before the debate even began, and my so-called contempt was simply my brutal honesty dissecting his anti-gay claims. I suggest checking out the comments I left that he did put through and has yet to delete for proof of this.

But then what can you expect from a guy who cites Peter LaBarbera and his ilk as exoperts on homosexuality?

For the record, here is his definition of a Hetero-Separatist, as taken from his own website.


a: A person who rejects homofascism, homosexuality, and homophobia.

b: A person, entity, or organization that respectfully declines to associate with any or all divisions of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender community, but does not hate, fear, or persecute people that are GLBT.

c: A person who quietly shuns people and environments that are antihetero."

You know that sounds awfully familiar. Now where have I heard a statement like that before?

Sorry boys. You've both failed miserably, and you did so with your very own words and actions. And I'm still here, and I'm still an uppity lesbian, and I will still speak the truth whereever and whenever I can, and none of your lying or bullying or distortions will EVER shut me up.

The only way you will ever be rid of me is death. And even with a terminal illness, I am simply too goddamned stubborn to die.

Deal with it.


A Debate Precaution (UPDATED)

UPDATE - Mantronikk, after being caught in a bald-faced lie even he couldn't weasel out of, has deleted the blog entry that mocked me as fleeing from the debate accompanied by a picture of Jabba the Hutt altogether rather than have his lie publicly viewable. He had claimed in the blog that he had deleted my last 5 comments to his blog because, and ONLY because, I refused to answer his scathing decisive question, which is a lie to begin with, but I can prove with screenshots and the publuc record on 4 different blogs that when I gave up on him ever GROWING up and apologising for juvenile comments, I answered his question as a consolation prize for his so badly losing the debate. Rather than have a lie he can't lie his way out of be public, the entire entry is now gone. I win yet again!

Self-Proclaimed Hetero-Separatist blogger mantronikk, the man who tried to convince me to stop defending marriage equality in the comments over on Luois J Marinelli's blog about NOM's summer tour with THIS charming example of disconnection from reality...

mantronikk said...

Shaman of Hedon, I have a question for you concerning homosexual "marriage." How would you feel if you bought an expensive ticket to an IMAX movie and, after you were seated, you saw a person get up and let their friend into the theater via the exit door, and the two sat down next to you and began talking loudly on their cell phones after the movie began?
July 18, 2010 12:32 AM

... has openly challenged me to a public debate on his own blog. This could be fun since he's among the more extreme and openly hateful wingnuts I've ever read. Just a brief scan of his blog reveals the usual bullying lies and blatant distortions of facts I've come to expect from his type, and more openly aggressive and hateful than some. Why he'd challenge me when I've already once publicly dissected his dubious grip on reality and gotten him laughed at and mocked by others doing so is beyond me, but I took him up on his offer.

I WAS going to copy/paste the text of my first comment on his blog here to make sure he doesn't try and pull a fast one by editing, altering or outright deleting my comment and then claiming it's what I posted or that I didn't accept his challenge, which I can clearly envision him doing, but as I'm running on 34 hours without sleep, I admittedly fucked up and copied his blog url for the link above BEFORE I remembered to paste my comment text here, and it's already in holding awaiting his approval on his blog so I can copy it again. My fuck-up, I admit it. So we'll just have to hope he has the integrity to allow my comment through unaltered, as if he does alter it I can't prove such, and if he disallows it to claim I never met his challenge I have only my own word otherwise.

While I'd like to think given my proven history of being terminally honest and having a high level of integrity would speak for itself, I know full well that other bigots who WANT to believe him simply will, and use this to prove I'm too cowardly to meet his challenge.

If however, he has not put through my unedited comment by tomorrow evening, I'll comment AGAIN, and THIS time I'll immediately remember to copy/paste whatever I comment unedited as a comment on THIS VERY BLOG POST. Hopefully, despite his propensity for hateful speech, lying, and relying on known anti-gay liars for his facts, (he links to Peter LaBarbera's site as proof that preachers will be arrested if gays get equality for fuck's sake!), that he will, since HE laid down the challenge, have the honesty and integrity to post my comments unedited.

We shall see.


Manntronik, despite his version of events, has forfeited the debate completely and has left absolutely NO doubt about what a cowardly lying idiot he is. See his latest blog entry wherein he publicly admits to censoring me for a bullshit reason and uses a picture of Jabba the Hutt to signify that *GAPS!!!* I'm fat. Also, trees have bark, water is wet, ice is cold, and Manntronik is a complete idiot. Oh, and just in case he actually grows enough of a brain long enough to realize how badly he fucked his own ass posting that blog entry and removes it so he can claim he never censored me et al, here's a lovely screenshot for you all!

So let's review here. Manntronik, after already proving his grasp of reality is tenuous at best with his ridiculous movie theatre anaology, challenges me to a debate on HIS blog. Why? For the very reason I made THIS blog; because on HIS blog he can censor me in his favor. On THIS blog he can't delete anything I say he can't outwit or twist.

Then he proves he has no intention of having a mature adult debate by posting this blog entry,

... insulting me in a childish homophobic way before we've even gotten started.

As you can see in the comments below, he came here to get even more insulting while trying to act all mature and beleagred on his own blog. I made it crystal clear that the debate was only on hold until he apologised for being juvenile, and that once he had we could happily continue. He tried, and very clearly failed, to twist things into him being the victim of my hateful homo bullying, and said that I was making excuses to run away because I couldn't beat him and was all butthurt because of his little insults.

Well let's review. HE couldn't answer anything I posed to him and acted like a teenager. For the record, his insults themselves barely phase me. I've heard MUCH worse. I wanted an apology because HE was the one who issued the challenge, HE should have the balls to be the mature adult he claims to be.

HE refused repeatedly to apologise, holding the debate hostage and trying to control it. He was bullying me, refusing to apologise unless I answered one of his badly thought out twist questions first. You know, the questions haters come up with designed to sound rational but carefully worded so that they can dismiss your answer as not answering the question honestly even when you do so. By holding the debating hostage and trying to force conditions onto the apology, he proved he's the one doing the bullying and FURTHER proved he had ZERO interest in a real debate, as I suspected from the beginning.

Finally, by censoring my last few comments which said that very thing, he tried to twist it into me being some crazy dyke hater stalking him, the poor victimized homo-hating bully.

See what he did there folks? After deleting comments wherein I clearly said I would stop talking to him IF he refused one last time to grow up and apologise, and by leaving the extended bullying and hate here on my blog while limiting it on his blog to one wordplay insult which he now claims was retaliatory brilliance to deflate my crushing ego, and generally lies through his teeth to play the intellectual victim.

I dare any of you to go read his manifesto and not laugh your ass off at his insistance that there's NO homophobia or hate or bigotry in it.

The debate, if you can even call it that, is done. And Manntronik can blame whoever he likes but the facts prove he's the one who killed it, really before it even began. So he's welcome to twist things however he needs to so he can feel like he won, but all he's accomplished is proving he's just another dishonest bullying lying even to himself spreading hatred and bigotry and lies and distortions trying to justify keeping GLBT folks second class AT BEST.

Shemale of Heroin 1, LittleBoyTronik 0.

Nom Strategist Louis J. Marinelli Declares Me Most Hateful Lesbian!

Crossposted as a diary on Pam's House Blend

To clarify, since I can only type so much in the title, he declared me, on his public blog, "One of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I've ever come across". Ew... bad mental picture.... ew ew ew....

Anyway, for those amonst you who, I'm very certain, are curious how mean and nasty I must have been to the poor little hatemonger to earn such a grandiose declaration, it begins with Twitter.

Louis you see, had retweeted a hateful tweet from fellow bigot nutcase Reverand David Mapes wherein Mapes tweeted "#inaintafraidtosay Homosexual Marriage is wrong!". Mapes and I have a history now of arguing Bible accuracy but Mapes is another story. So I took Louis to task for the retweeting suggesting it proves bigotry and pointing him to an abundance of proof that the anti-gay stuff in the Bible is not actually anti-gay but anti-rape and anti-woman, and NOT actually about homosexuality at all.

Louis tweeted back that his was NOT a religious or Christian organization so he had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked him if not religion based, then give me his reasons proving my lesbian marriage is causing him or society any harm.

Like the bullying homophobic coward he is, he sidestepped the question by claiming since I'm not married, he didn't have to discuss my non-existant marriage as it would be "antithetical". I showed him my BC Canada legal marriage certificate in response.

To no one's surprise, he dismissed it as a worthless piece of paper that means nothing. (Which makes me wonder; if it's so worthless why do he and Maggie and Brian fight so hard to keep you USA queer folks from getting them like we Canuckleheads do?).

So I posted an entry on my blog showing his hateful tweets and pointing out how he had basically publicly revealed his bigotry, hatemongering and cowardice by showing his tweets and pointing out his refusal to answer simple honest questions, because to answer such questions honestly would, as the Prop 8 trial proved repeatedly, force him to admit gay marriage will do society good and no one will go to jail for saying they disagree.

Now poor poor victimized Louis felt that by only posting a couple of his tweets I was both misrepresenting him and making myself look like an angel, and so he dared me to post our entire Twitter exchange to my blog so people could, in his words, "see who the REAL hater is". I doubt he expected me to call his bluff though. Because you see, when I replied that I would be more than happy to do EXACTLY that if he just answered my honest question, I never heard from him again. He began to ignore me completely, as if I didn't exist.

Cut to Saturday, when Louis posted a blog entry about the Summer For Marriage Tour's stop in Albany New York. As Pam of Pam's House Blend herself has pointed out, attendance was abyssmal, showing how little support NOM really has. Of course, facts never stopped Louis from telling a good lie, so in this blog entry he posted pictures from the Albany event.

Not just any pictures though. No, these pictures were carefully taken from specific angles in ways designed to manipulate truth. His pictures both made the Supporter turnout look bigger than it was, and also attempted to make the pro-equality protesters look like big mean rude bullies.

Unfortunately for Louis, I happen to be a damned good photographer and something of an expert in Angle Manipulation, as my BCIT professor taught us SPECIFICALLY how to spot dishonest news photography designed to give a specific idea as to what the photo is showing.

So both in the comments on his blog and in an entry on my own blog, I deconstructed each of his pictures as they were shown on his blog to show EXACTLY how he used dishonest photography to distort the truth. And in so doing made Louis angry enough to completely unravel his lies by himself just to prove I was wrong about one detail.

He immediately posted another blog in which he posted more pictures to prove thata pair of elderly harmless black labs he had tried to claim were there to intimidate NOM supporters did in fact belong to some of the pro-gay protesters. Bravo Louis, I conced I was wrong about an assumption I made based on the photos YOU originally chose to use to fearmonger amonst your supporters.


The NEW pics he posted actually hurt his case, BADLY. These pictures not only proved that the protesters AND the dogs were a safe respectable distance from the audience, but also clearly showed that audience was MAYBE two or three DOZEN people AT ABSOLUTE MOST.

And on top of that, if you'll scroll to the bottom of his second blog entry, just before the comments start, he posts a screencap of one of my comments to his earler blog, specifically the one dissecting the original dogs photo, as proof of my evil hateful ploy to deceive his followers with intentional lies against him, and closes his blog by saying "So much for this comment by one of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I have ever come across."

So I've apparently pissed Louis off so much by basically tricking him into exposing his lies and bigotry by himself that he's chosen to single me out as among the most hateful; homuh-seckshuals EVER because I used facts and logic politely to both prove AND trick HIM into openly confirming what all rational sane people already knew; that Louis is a hatemongering homophobic bigot fighting to stamp out equality SOLELY because gay folks creep him out.

If one's success is measured by the calibre of one's enemies, well then I've made the big time folks! I can sit at the Big Kids' table now because King Louis says I'm among the very worst of our kind! Yay for me!

You folks might note in the comments of his second blog, a LOT of people outright ridicule him for claiming that of me based on my polite, logical fact-driven comments. Some of whom had previously been supportive of him on older blog entries. Which means driving him to the point of condemning me personally has actually cost louis some supporters.

If that is the result of him declaring me a most hateful homo, I wear that badge PROUDLY. Because nobody with a brain, common sense, and and ounce of integrity reading his words and mine will ever believe a word out of his mouth now. Face it Louis, you've become one of our biggest assets in the battle for equality, because the more folks hear your insane hatemongering garbage? The more of them that will side with us in disgust of your bile.

Keep up the bad work Louis!


Louis Marinelli Shoots Himself In The Foot With His NOM Camera

Poor poor Louis. He's clearly getting desperate. He knows he looks like a liar even to his supporters now when he SWEARS he has no affiliation with NOM, even though he owns and is driving the RV that is taking NOM across the USA on their repulsive "Summer For Marriage" tour. Not to mention the ABUNDANCE of proof on the internet.

So since he knows he looks like a liar, (because he IS one), he needs to try to make himself look like a brave intrepid hero, (by lying even more), and use his trusty camera to prove how the po' innocent lil NOMbies are being victimized by the big bad Gay Agenda (™ & ©). The proble,? Any GOOD photagrapher, like ME for example, can use his own photos to prove his deception.

Now you should know that poor victimized Louis thinks I misrepresent and victimize him. He didn't like how my blog entry about him clearly revealed his hateful bullying hypocrisy and his fear of honesty, so he mumbled off a victimhood tweet and dared me to post our ENTIRE Twitter exchange so people could see who the "real hateful bully" was. Not expecting me to call his bluff, I scared him off completely when I said if he just gives me an honest answer to my original question, I'd do a blog entry of EVERY tweet he and I traded, in order. I never heard from him again. Likely because we all know an honest answer to my question stripped of his bullshit religious justifications would crumble his stance right out from underneath him. But that's no surprise of course, all over the net there is ABUNDANT proof that whenever Louis argues with someone smarter than him who can out-think and out-debate him at every level, when his bullshit is easily dissected and he can't argue the facts away, he goes silent and runs away like the coward he is rather than accept he's been proven wrong. Denial is his lifeblood.

So to be fair to poor victimized Louis, here's a link to his blog entry that I am about to rip to pieces, so he can't accuse me of misrepresenting him or taking him out of context.... you know, the way he does to everyone and everything else.

So let's start with his first photo of the Albany NOM event. While he tries to downplay YET another abyssmal turnout in Albany, ("Local supporters were happy with the turnout, explaining that downtown Albany is a "ghost town" on weekends."), he still uses this photo to attempt to make a couple dozen people seem like they could be hundreds.

Notice he makes it seem like more than 30 people showed up by carefully photographing the first row from an upward angle, just in front of the knees of the guy at the end of the line, aimed mostly towards the head of the guy at the other end in the second row. This is an old and common camera deception, designed specifically to give the visual cues to whoever sees the picture to make it look less sparse and thus trick your mind into imaging a much bigger crowd. So the NOM rally looks like it attracted hundreds, when maybe 30 people showed up at all. Deceptive Angle photography is a common trick, especially among less honest news photographers and Papparazzi, to create a visual that tricks your mind into perceiving something differently. This angle trick is a desperate attempt to make it appear they garnered more interest in their hate rally than they actually did.

Now, let's look at his second photo. Here he's trying to make one of NOM's many lie-spewing hatemongers, Doctor Jennifer Morse, ("She went on to make the points that kids need a mom and a dad and that moms and dads are not interchangeable. She said if you look at the studies that the gay lobby put out, they want you to believe that the only good man is a gay man.") Appear powerful and confident by shooting her from a lower angle, making her seem slightly imposing, but by stupidly trying to make sure the NOM banner is visible he also reveals the truth his first photo was designed to obscure; the abyssmal turnout. Look at those steps there behind her? See anyone sitting there? Nope, not a one. You would at a successful rally though. Those stairs would be full of cheering supporters if NOM had attracted a good crowd. But there they are, empty barren concrete steps, showing just how alone Dr. Morse really is up there spewing her distortions.

Photo number three is designed to make the pro-equality protesters who accompany the NOM hatefest around the country look like big scary bullies terrorizing poor Dr. Morse. ("Marching in organized single-file lines bearing umbrellas, the activists marched from behind and took over the stage where Dr. Morse and the other speakers were to be speaking. They didn't make much noise but did monopolize the stage area. Apparently, they were there without a permit which caused a few State Troopers to arrive and inform that they could not rally at that time and location without a permit. The police left the scene shortly afterwards, leaving the homosexual activists surrounding the podium.") Well Louis can't even keep his own lies straight. How does a straight line of people surround anything? Louis tried to make the protesters look rude and ominous by taking a low angle shot so they'd seem bigger than the speaker and appear threatening and imposing, but he failed to notice their backs are all turned. There is nothing LESS threatening than a guy with his back to you, wide open for you to stab him in it. Which of course you do figuratively every day right Louis boy? So once again, his attempt to lie through photography failed.

Oh and, in case no one was reading between the lines, Louis lied again when claiming the protesters had no permit and cops showed up. First of all, IF any cops really shopwed up, he'd have pictures of it and be posting them ad nauseum to show the noble officers protesting them all from the Pink Menance! Secondly, if they truly had no permits and cops showed up, they'd be forced to leave, not left on (*snickers*) Stage to protest. Honesty 3, Louis -5.

So at this point Lou must be realizing somewhere in his bitter tiny brain, that thse pics don't do enough to sway gullible people into supporting him and NOM. So he needs to blatantly make some shit up from scratch to villify t3h GaYz.

Here Louis shows us the big scary Labradours that a couple protesters brought with them to intimidate the supporters. AGAIN, a huge failure. While he tries to focus on the dogs, he makes a mistake his prior pictures should have alerted him to easily had he the actual talent to pull these frauds off. He let the dog-ownwers hands, shorts and legs be seen in his shot. This is photographic proof taken by his OWN camera that he made this up. Those dogs belong to park goers. He asked for a picture because they were wearing shorts like the protesters, but the protesters all stuck together for unity, they NEVER strayed off into smaller groups, safety in numbers. They stay close knit in case a nom supporter gets militant and starts a fight. And yes Lou, it WILL be a NOMmer who eventually throws the first punch. So knowing this, why are the dog owners not with the other protesters clearly visible behind them? Why do their shorts not exactly match those worn by any of the protesters? Because they were NOT protesters. They were two folks walking their dogs and not even close enough to the couple dozen NOM supporters to scare anyone.

(UPDATE; Louis posted another picture that does at least prove Protesters DO own the dogs, but that doesn't change anything. They're LABS for fuck's sake! The LEAST violent dog on the planet! Shitzus are more viscious! And his new picture proves they kept the dogs away from the NOMbies. So in proving the dogs DID belong to protesters, he inadvertantly proved they were NOT being used to intimidate. When you catch a man in his blatant lies and make him desperate top be able to say HA gotcha!, you make him even more careless. He COULD have posted this new picture on the original blog entry. He didn't. Why? BECAUSE this new pic proves the dogs were not being used to intimidate and he couldn't spew his bullshit to it.)

Oh, and finally, Louis' biggest attempt, (and biggest failure) to vilify us to drum up support.

So here we have some pro-equality protesters apparently bullying a poor innocent nursing mother, who just wants to clearly see the rally in peace. Says King Louis;

"Sitting on the grass with her three young kids, Maria, pictured to the right, was prohibited from viewing the rally from this line of homosexual activists who refused to move over a few feet to allow for a line of vision for the nursing mother. She asked them and we also asked them to stand slightly to the left or right out of respect for Maria but they wouldn't budge. One of them even threatened us when we asked them to move over. One of those 'you better not touch us' lines. Really classy."

His own photo kicks him square in the testicles with this bullshit lie. Let's review shall we?

The poor picked-on breastfeeding mother... who is....
Clearly not breastfeeding in this picture, unless she has nipples atop her shoulders, and also...

She's not even FACING the NOM rally, which is actually going on behind and to her right. If the protesters are blocking her view of anything, it's trees and grass.

God Louis you're not even trying anymore. Did you just hope no one would spot the NOM bus and the very same building where Dr. Morse was preaching bullshit was right there in the background of your photo clearly proving your are blatantly lying? And that woman, first of all, was clearly just a mother taking her family to the park. Second, she has a soft smile on her face so she's clearly not upset by the protesters. Third, the protesters you AGAIN shoot from a low angle to create the big threatening imposing figure illusion, are spaced visibly far enough apart that the woman could see past them with no problem. Yes Lou, the smiling woman chatting with the polite respectful protesters seems so put off and upset by her inability to see a rally she wasn't attending to begin with. Oh and let's not forget, her other kids are not showing any fear, upset or distress. They seem to be quite happily going on about their business. I doubt you said one word to the nice black mother Louis, and if you did I bet her only reply was "Fuck off you sleazy creep".

If I want this post to prove ANYTHING, well, besides what a lying hypocrite douchebag Lou is, it's that evil CAN be overcome by education. The more you learn reality, facts and science, the more you can spot the lies and distortions designed to keep you ignorant and afraid. This is why the Religious Right opposes so many things. Educated minds are harder to deceive. Texas just removed Thomas Jefferson from all American History books because he wasn't a Christian and had radical ideas the GOP doesn't want their kids exposed to lest they learn enough to see through the oppression they're raised to follow blindly.

Louis J. Marinelli is a liar. The proof of this is abundant and easy to find. He is also a mean-spirited bully and a hatemonger, using seriously outdate and discredited anti-gay research to justify calling us all pedophiles. And he is a huge spineless coward, who will run away from any argument he can't bullshit his way out of. When he preaches to the gullible sheep who believe his scary lies about us scary evil gay folk, no one questions him, no one challenges him. And it fuels his hateful ego.

But when he tries to convince educated people of his bullshit, like me on Twitter, or his many debates with Jeremy of Good As You, he fails and he fails hard, because we know his bullshit for what it is, and we counter it with facts and logic and reason that he can't bullshit away. And when as he often is, faced with the choice to accept the truth, admit his mistakes, and try to better his life, he always, ALWAYS, proves his bullying hatemongering cowardice by dodging hard questions with bullshit rhetoric, denying we offered any proof he's wrong, saying he doesn't need to humor anything we say because we're disordered pedophiles who will never be married or be really in love, and disappearing from the conversation going LALALALAICAN'THEARYOUUUUU. And he never replies again, he moves on to the next failure hoping some stupid person will believe his lies.

Maggie? Brian? THIS IS THE MAN YOU ARE IN BED WITH. And don't waste your energy denying it, once again, the proof is everywhere. Give up your hateful fight, accept that you ARE in fact bigots and are victims of NOTHING except your own paranoia, and let EVERYONE be EQUAL.


A Simple and Unerring Fact

People in the Religious Right involved actively in the fight to prevent true full gay equality, (with the obvious exception of the Fred Phelps mutations), love to swear up and down that they don't hate gay folks. They love us and want us to be happy, and anyone claiming that they're being hateful bigots is just a big meanie persecuting their religious beliefs who doesn't understand their motivation.

I'm sure a lot of them are actually delusional enough to honestly believe this bullshit. Reverand Dave Mapes, who has been dirtying my blog with comments to that effect rather than just answer some simple honest questions, is a perfect example. While actively tweeting anti-gay messages on Twitter every day, (such as the oh so charming "@revdavesmapes #iaintafraidtosay that homosexual marriage is wrong! :D"), and actively preaching to his congregation that gay equality must be fought tooth and nail, repeatedly reassures me he loves me and just wants what's best for me.

Of course to him what's "best" for me is for me to convert to Christianity, divorce my wife, stop daring to question the Bible and live life only according to Bible Principles. This desire on his part blatantly proves his selfish hypocrisy and complete lack of any sense of reality. Why?

Because I'm a lesbian. To convert to HIS version of Christianity, which is certainly very far from being very Christian, I would have to deny myself. And I'm not talking about denying myself lesbian sex, I barely have a sex drive to begin with. No I mean LITERALLY denying MYSELF.

To do what he asks of me would destroy me. First of all, becoming a Christian as HE sees it means divorcing Fran. I would be shunning the woman who takes care of me when I'm sick, comforts me when I'm sad, kisses me when and happy, and gives my life a sense of fulfillment and completeness I never had before. I would be surrendering peace, joy, contentment, happiness and love for the illusion of all those things under God that would foirever feel empty. Despite his belief that ONLY by giving myself over to God and Christ could I ever feel any of those things, he is in fact asking me to give those very things up for a faith I have no faith in.

Secondly, he'd probably expect me to be a good Christian woman and find a husband. Except I'm a lesbian through and through. I've TRIED to have relationships with men in the past and it never worked. I'm sure he would say it was because I'd already made up my mind to "rebel against God" and not give any man a fair chance, but that's simply not the case. I had a male love for over a year that I tried my damnedest to love. He was a good man too. He was kind, gentle, affectionate without being overbearing. He respected my thoughts and feelings and always supported me. And I loved him dearly as a friend. I WANTED to love him more. I was still in denail of a lot of things about myself at the time and I DESPERATELY wanted to be a normal healthy heterosexual woman. I didn't want to be a lesbian, I was terrified of it.

But I just never felt anything romantic for him, or any other man. Because I AM a lesbian. And yes Reverand, I very much WAS born wired that way. Any religious person insisting Gay is a choice is frankly an idiot. Just look at the Uganda Homosexual Death Bill. NO ONE would ever CHOOSE to be gay in this hateful violent world. Rebelling isn't about getting murdered. A kid getting his ear pierced, THAT'S rebelling. A gay person accepting who they truly are and escaping the cycle of self-loathing that comes with denial is not rebellion. It's HONESTY. To convert as Mapes wishes me to would be tantamount to agreeing to spend the rest of my life lying to my friends, family, God, and myself. Reverand Mapes is asking me to become a liar.

Thirdly, since he has made it abundantly clear that in his version of Christianity, (in spite of the fact he blatantly picks and chooses which Bible passages he'll obey while ignoring any rules that would bite him in the ass), the Bible is the infallible unerring word of God. It is NEVER to be questioned and, given his refusal to answer simple honest questions about what the Bible says, apparently neither is he. I'd bet good money any kids who ask uncomfortable questions of him in his flock such as I have asked him are probably told with a smiling face and a cheerful voice that they'll burn in hell if they ever repeat those questions. I'm sure he'd deny this, but I also doubt he'd allow me to ask any children in his flock if such things have happened.

The problem is that I'm by nature a very curious inquisitive girl. I like knowing the reasons of things. I could never be happy in a religion that outright REQUIRES me to bite my tongue. So once again, the Reverand's idea of what's "best" for me involves asking me to lie and be unhappy.

The Reverand could give a flying fuck about what's best for ME, or for any other gay person. He doesn't care in the slightest about what's best for us. He wants what's best for HIM. He clearly hates homosexuality regardless of his protestations to the contrary. You don't actively fight AGAINST something you love. No, he hates homosexuality. And not because the Bible tells him to. I've already proven repeatedly in other blog posts that the parts of the Bible used to justify anti-gay beliefs are NOT about homosexuality and must be intionally misinterpreted to make them so.

No, judging by his own words and behavior, Mapes is uncomfortable with gayness. It bothers him. When he pictures gay people he probably thinks only of our disgusting unnatural sex lives and never thinks of anything else about us, just like all (not a) Christian bullies. We're all more than just the sex we have. My wife and I have sex MAYBE once a month, and rarely longer than a half hour. The rest of the time we're being just like everyone else. We talk, we do stuff, we clean the house, we pay the bills, we watch TV. But bullies like Mapes never think about any of that, because to do so would be to acknowledge that how we love is the ONLY real difference between gays and straight. And when you admit that we're pretty much no different than you are except for what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms, it becomes harder to personally justify fighting against gay equality. That's why Porn Peter LaBarbera and his ilk actually encourage their sheep to talk about "the grossness" of gay sex as much as possible to make sex what people think about when thinking of gay people. The hatemongers do NOT want you thinking of us as normal boring everyday people with jobs and hobbies and likers and dislikes, they want you to think of us SOLELY as sex fiends with absolutely no other facets to us.

So basically, what David is asking of me is selfish and cruel. To make HIM feel comfortable, so HE doesn't have to think about sinful lesbian sex, he would have me agree to be a miserable unhappy self-loathing liar. And he would tell himself I was happy and at peace because I accepted his version of God, and would never think about MY feelings at all. He would have me suffer to make himself feel better and would tell me it's God's will. And I refuse to believe it is God's will that I lie and be miserable to make small minded people feel better.

And that leads me to the titular simple unerring fact of which this blog is about.

Religion IS very much a choice. Even Judaism. Isreali is a race, Jewish is a religion. Irish is a race, Catholocism is a religion. Iraqi is a race, Islam is a religion. And while SO many people ARE born into a religion, by virtue of their parents' faith, and often forced to accept that faith as their own according to parents' wishes, religion is not innate, or unalterable. This is an inarguable fact. Every single day, hundreds of people who WERE Christian reject Christianity. Some become Aethiests, some convert to a different religion that felt right to them in ways Christianity didn't. Some people who never WERE Christians BECOME Christians because they find something in the faith that speaks to them deeply. Some Christians convert to Islam. Some Muslims convert to Judaism. Some Jews even convert to Wicca. Religion BECOMES about who you are and what you believe, but it is NOT innate.

Homosexuality, like race, IS however, innate. Contrary to the ever popular (and repeatedly refuted) distortions by Religious Right groups, science HAS in fact proven that gay or straight is wired into the brain. Yes, the Family Research Council will tell you no such study exists and that more studies prove the opposite, but it's been repeatedly proven that the studies that prove Gay is a choice are either the studies of Paul Cameron whose work has been repeatedly discredited and proven to be falsified, or distortions of legitimate studies wherein the actual authors of those studies have publicly denounced the religious Right's intentional misrepresentation of them.

For example, a study showed that lesbian are more prone to alcoholism because the pressure and hatred they get from anti-gay bias and religion based bullying drives them to seek coping tools. In the hands of the Right, that study becomes "Lesbians are more likely to be alcoholics". A blatant distortion that works because the people the Right tells these lies to are easily frightened gullible people who rarely if ever look up the relevant information themselves and instead just take these "respectable Christian folks" telling the lies at face value.

So no matter that we all know Reverand Mapes would insist I chose to be a lesbian and that God would NEVER make me one intentionally, we know he's lying.

So the Simple And Unerring Fact of which this blog is about is simply thus;

You CANNOT devote time, money and energy to telling someone that who they are is evil and wrong and not be a hatemonger.

You CANNOT devote time money and energy to actively fighting to keep an entire group of people second=class and subhuman under the law solely because you don't like something about them they cannot change and NOT be a bigot.

YOU CANNOT EVER tell someone you love them and want what's best for them and then treat them as inferior and fight actively to PREVENT what is best for them.

THAT is an unerring fact.

Reverend Mapes, you ARE a bigot because you teach that my life is evil and wrong. You ARE a bully because you try to pressure, force and coerce me into accepting an unhappy life for YOUR comfort. You ARE a hatemonger because you call upon your flock to fight against equality. And you very much ARE committing evil by preaching these things, and BY preaching them you very much ARE being homophobic.

Because it has been inarguably proven that anti-gay preaching directly leads to violence and abuse against gay people. Gay teenagers commit suicide because of anti-gay bullying encouraged by homophobic preaching. Gay folks get beaten up and murdered by people who were taught that being gay is evil in God's eyes. In South Africa 1 in 4 men has admitted proudly to having committed what they're calling "Corrective rape", wherein they RAPE LESBIANS to make them straight, because it's what people like you have taught them God wants. And you can try to protest "But I never told anyone to go out and rape lesbians", and still be guilty, because these men are doing this deplorable thing only because their religious leaders, such as you, tell them God is angered by gayness and wants it stamped out, and these men decide that if God hates gayness then it must be okay with him to hurt gay people. And so no matter how you try to rationalize it, THERE IS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.

Of course you'll deny all of this, ignore any Biblical proof I might offer you that backs me up while weakening your position, and probably continue to insist on praying for me without my consent, which is frankly spiritual rape in my opinion, and never once will you actually have the spine to directly address any of this honestly. And that above all else is what proves that you are wrong. You don't even have enough faith in your own God to address the hard questions. You disrespect Jesus by praying for me because I challenge your viewpoint, and lie by claiming it's because I'm unfairly attacking you.

For an attack to be unfair it has to lack any basis in truth or fact. And I have offered ONLY truth and fact, both of which you're desperate to ignore. An honest man with moral courage and integrity addresses even the hard questions honestly. A coward does everything in his power to dodge them. And Reverend Mapes has dodged them repeatedly. He makes up tired excuses. He tries to dictate terms that would limit his responses only to what he's comfortable with. He demands I verbally handcuff myself by blindly accepting his argument as God's Word so that he can answer only according to how he interprets that word.

To clarify the cowardice and absurdity of this behavior, that would be like asking Tom Cruise to answer hard questions about Scientology, and Cruise telling you he'll agree to answer your questions BUT ONLY if you first agree to not bring up the lifetime of documented lies L. Ron Hubbard or ever bringing up the people Scientology has murdered or addressing the various and ever increasing fees required to advance through the ranks. If you wanted an honest conversation about Scientology, you'd refuse those ridiculous terms because it would tie your hands by limiting you to questions Mr. Cruise was comfortable answering, questions that didn't challenge his faith.

This is what Reverend Mapes and all hatemongering bullies like him do. They try to bully and cajole anyone asking the hard questions into agreeing to a ridiculously limiting framework for the discussion. That way Mapes only has to give me cookie-cutter answers that affirm and support his glorious faith, and never has to address the hard questions, because he knows he can't give me an honest answer without being forced to admit he doesn't HAVE all the answers, and that the Bible can be wrong. And if he admits to either of these things he loses his ability to co-opt God to justify his bigotry and then he'd have to just come right out and be honest; He doesn't like gay people and wants us to go away or stop being gay. If he's forced by cold hard truth to admit that his excuse for his homophobia doesn't stand up to scrutiny, he'll loses followers, and with the flock dwindling because his lies are laid bare, he loses their donations, and he loses the fight against us.

Here's an example; He still swears the Bible, even the Old Testament, is God's unerring word and MUST be obeyed, but he has yet to address or acknowledge that he willfully diobeys some Old Testament rules. And he will continue to try and distract me from this point by goading me about how he is praying for my eternal soul, because if he actually faces the question and admits that yes, he DOES in fact disobey Bible rulings that would demand he be stoned to death for some of his actions, then he has to acknowledge that Bible passages that order a death sentence for things as harmless as wearing mixed fabrics or working on Sunday are wrong and deplorable and have no place in the modern world. And if he admits to that, then he CANNOT continue to demand that people accept that homosexuality is evil and wrong just because he THINKS the Bible says it is.

And with his whole justification for his hatred gone up in smoke, he cannot claim he is simply acting on God's will anymore. He can't claim he loves Gays but just hates their sin. And he cannot lie and trick gullible people into supporting his bigotry and intolerance.

And that is why I know I will NEVER get a straight honest answer from Mapes, or any other hatemonger. They NEED the lies to thrives, and answering the tough questions honestly would knock down their pretty looking but ultimately still flimsy house of cards.

The Religious Right is in the business of lying. Reverand Mapes IS a liar. And every single time he replies to me in which he bellows about praying God will force me to convert and stop asking questions while refusing to ever ANSWER them just further proves that I am exactly right about him.

And I will NEVER consent to become an unhappy liar to make a bigger liar comfortable.

PS - As I ask all of the Religious Right Bigots I come across, I'll ask Mapes right now; How many homeless American children could you have fed and clothed with all the money you've spent fighting against equality?

I've asked 592 religious bigots that question, icluding folks from Concerned Women For America, The American Family Association, the Family Research Council and more.

To this day, NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM has EVER even ACKNOWLEDGED that question, let alone tried to answer it.

And I doubt Mapes will be the first to break the trend.

After all, admitting you let children starve in your country so you can keep them nasty gay folks from having equal rights isn't exactly good press for someone pretending to be righteous.


An Uncharacteristic Attack Of Rampant Self-Esteem

So I'm puttering about online tonight when I notice some greasy basement dwelling mouth-breather I've never talked to or heard of has decided to voice his opinion of my looks on Twitter.

This is the picture in question, shared with my friends on what used to be TwitXpic, a twitter pic site for naughty pics. Since you all know this is a mature content blog I'll just go ahead and assume tits don't make you run screaming for the hills lest you faint or get the vapours. And, as I happen to rather LIKE my boobs despite generally low self-esteem about other things, I have no qualms in showing them off. A great rack on a fat girl is STILL a great rack.

Now, to no one's surprise, the general attitude of my friends and family online was to just shrug this douchebag's moronic statement off as the unimportant bleating of some anonymous jerk whose opinion means nothing. And they're right of course. Even I with my generally poor self-opinion know that the opinions of people I care about should outweigh the insults of some random idiot being an asshole on purpose for a cheap giggle. So when his opinion on seeing my tits was to tweet "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE", my friends believed, rightly so, that I should just ignore him.

But if you've been following my tweets or reading my blog the past couple weeks, you know I've had an insane time of late, with ridiculous extremes of highs and lows, from greiving my cousin's suicide, to outdebating rightwing religious hatemongers so effectively their only defense was to either try to pray my gay away or just outright pretend I never existed. Oh and being bullied into standing up for myself by idiot mansplainers trying to dismiss traumas and horrors I lived through as irrelevant to issues of someone INFLICTING such traumas and horrors, which instead of shutting me up had the very odd effect of somehow making me see the value in my life and history that my friends and family have been trying to make me see for years.

So let's give the douchebags of the internet a lesson in Penny Logistics.

Yes I'm fat.

Yes I qualify as a legitimate freak of nature.

And yes sometimes my self-esteem is below sediment.


In spite of my tendancy to believe myself that I'm nothing at all special, enough people disagree that even I have to acknowledge it. There's only so many times 100 people can tell one person there are flowers in the garden before that one person finally looks at the flowers that were always there but they couldn't see.

First of all, established successful authors Niel Gaiman, Kate Bornstein and Poppy Z Brite have all commented glowingly on things I wrote.

Neil, authhor of things like Neverwhere, Stardust, American Gods and Sandman, read my blog on Trans-On-Trans bigotry and called it thought-provoking and intelligently written.

Poppy, author of such brilliant gothic horror stories as Lost Souls, actually started following me specifically because I was out-debating Kevin Smith (of Clerks Fame) left and right when he actually had his fans start attacking me on Twitter for deciding politely to stop following him for a few days because I was put off by his particular idea of fundraising for breast cancer research.

And good ole Aunty Kate, author of Gender Outlaw, Hello Cruel World, and My Gender Workbook, has read and commented on this very blog more than once and is actually actively nagging me to get off my ass and write a book.

Get that douchebags? PEOPLE WHO MAKE GOOD MONEY WRITING have told me I'm a damn good writer. People who are certainly under no obligations to even acknowledge me let alone praise my talent.

Next we have porn stars. Women who are widely considered among the most beautiful on the planet. Women people pay good money to see naked. Women who could pick and choose who they even acknowledge let alone call friend.

And I have over two dozen on my Twitter list. No I won't name names. Anyone who REALLY needs to know so badly can figure it out easily enough by checking my Following/Followers list on Twitter.

But all of them call me friend. Some of them even call me a sister. I have been entrusted with phone numbers and private e-mail addresses, invited to private gatherings not business related, and publicly defended by them when stupid people get dismissive of me. One had me phone in to a Playboy Radio show she was a guest on and loudly verbally bitchslapped the hostess for belittling me when I said I considered a Twitter friend like her more than just a Pen Pal. And ALL of them tell me I'm beautiful. Some even get angry with me if I argue. I have had some of them openly tell me they'd slap me if I ever self-depracated in their presence.

So if these women, who are worshipped and adored by millions, decided I'm worth looking at and talking to, why would I care what greasy basement-dwelling cheeto-stained douches say? I mean, come on!

Women millions want to fuck,

versus greasy losers who mostly fuck their hands.

Whose opinion of my looks do YOU think holds more weight folks? Hmm.... I wonder...

And last but certainly not least are all my other friends, online and in real life. From blood relatives like my mother and my nephew to chosen family like my wife and my stepkids, my family needs me and loves me and tries to take care of me whenever I'll give in and let them. And then my online friends, scattered across the world, who care about an obscure lippy fat bitch from Canada.

My trans sisters, who know and share my struggles living life as a woman with a penis.

My cis galpals, who treat me no different than any other woman.

My handful of guy friends with more than half a brain, who don't dismiss my experience or treat me like I exist to service them.

From uppity bloggers and celebrities to every day folks and family.

From black and white to hispanic and asian to mixed race like myself.

From gay and straight to bi and asexual.

From Monogamous to poly to perpetually single.

From Christian to Aethiest and agnostic to paegan.

I have friends all over the world of all types, frome every race, religion, creed, background and belief. And every single one of them loves me for me. Not for what I can do for them, not for anything they can get from me, and not for any silly fantasy image of me. JUST for me, the person I am, as is, warts and all.

I'm no supermodel, I never claimed otherwise. I'm also not near as ugly as internet trolls want me to believe I am so they can boost their self-esteem in exchange for mine.

All of the people listed above think I'm pretty and kind and wonderful and terribly rare even when I'm down and think I'm fat and ugly and worthless. Famous, non-famous, religious to aethiest, black white, purple or pink, it doesn't matter. They are all my friends and my family. And they love me and I love them, and if THEY think I'm beautiful, creative, kind, rare and wonderful, well...

The obnoxious opinion of some snotty loser trying to give himself an ego boost by hurting strangers really holds no water with me anymore. It used to, I admit it. I used to care far too much what anonymous assholes online thought of me. I wasted two years once arguing with a super troll named SuperGayHomo who used to revel in getting under my skin by stealing pictures of my anatomy and putting it online on his buddy's server where he knew it would never get taken down. And I stupidly let him and his idiot buddies goad me into long flame wars defending my life and existance against morons who only wanted to laugh at how angry I got.

But a funny thing happened.

I finally figured out after near two decades online who was really worth listening to.

So sorry @misterchuck719, but you are, as they say on the interwebz, EPIC fail.

Thanks for playing but to quote Weird Al, you don't even get a copy of our home game!


9 Reasons Why Canada Trumps the USA

I'm sure some of my American readers will probably be pissed off by this blog, but with the screaming insanity of July 4th over and done with for another year, I felt it needed to be said, with points to back me up on it, that the USA is a seriously screwed up country whose national pride is seriously misplaced, and while Canada isn't perfect, we're a lot better as a country and as a place to live. And no, I certainly don't think ALL US citizens are delusional raving patriots claiming their cesspool of bigotry and religious insanity is the best country on Earth, several of my American friends are painfully aware how bad it really is. Sadly mostly because they're on the shit end of that stick fighting for basic equality with rightwing nutjobs who want them to be forever second class.

So let's get into it. These are, in my opinion at least, reasons why Canada hands the USA it's ass as a country.

1. Universal Health Care.

The rich white Right in the States has gone out of their way to gut any attempt in the States to implement real health care. They protect their privatized interests, and actively fight to keep the poorest people suffering with access to good medical care. The Tea Baggers and Republicans have any number of complete bullshit reasons, such as how "Obamacare" somehow will facistly stomp out all their god-given freedoms etc etc yadda yadda, but in the end it boils down to three things. First, it means they lose some of their cushy rich folk tax breaks they sure as bloody fuck don't deserve and will have to *GASP!!!* Contribute FAIRLY proportionate to their income!!! OH THE HORROR! Mah munnay gonna take care o dem nasty po peeples! I'm gettin the vapours! Second, universal health care means them nasty GAYZ would get decent medical treatment too, and GOD FORBID any RRW money goes to taking care of gay health. Finally, universal health care would mean even immigrants could be taken care of properly in emergencies because Doctors would be paid anyway. No RRW will ever willingly allow their money to pay for an immigrant to survive a life-threatenening injury suffered doing work they'd never lower themselves to. So the USA is stuck in a perpetual quagmire and any health care reform bill ever introduced there will never do it's job because the RRW will always fight tooth and nail against it for purely selfish reasons, and they'll always win because the government listens to the mnoney, not the people. Which brings me to #2.

2. Our Government listens to the votes, not the money.

Sure we have asshole lobbyists in Canada trying to bully politicians and influence policy, just like down south. Except up here, they rarely succeed. Take Same-sex marriage for example. In 2005 under the Liberal Government, voters across Canada legalized it. When the Liberals were outed in the next federal election and Stephen Harper's Conservatives became the leaders in the House, right-wing lobbyists tried to bully Harper into having another vote to rescind it, ala California's Prop 8. Harper, as a Conservative, would have been happy to do so PERSONALLY and had admitted as much, but votes cost money and Canadian Voters had been through two Federal election capaigns in under a year. So he put out a national poll to the voters asking US if we wanted another vote on same-sex marriage. Over 80% of the country responded NO, the issue was settled, just move on already. And so Stephen Harper told the Lobbyists sorry no sale, the voters are fine with things as they are. While I don't like a lot of Harper's right leaning policies, I respect that he like most Canadian leaders, listens to the actual voters, and doesn't give in to pressure from lobbyists who generally represent only a small chunk of the populace. Unlike in the US where lobbyists from anti-gay groups can bully any politician into an election on gay rights issues and can then pad the election, cheat basically, by outright scaring naive voters with blatant lies to get the election result they want. Which leads me to #3.

3. WHY Same-Sex Marriage got voted in.

Unlike the US, Elections Canada has strict rules governing political ads. There are limits to how much can be spent on ad campaigns to level the playing field. There are fundraising limits, and caps to donation amounts. There are also equal time rules for TV spots. So any station airing an ad from the no side had to immediately follow up with an ad from the yes side to be fair and unbiased. Unlike in the states where TV stations can freely choose which party's ads to play and whoever raises the most money can spend disgusting amounts of money on the sole goal of getting elected, in Canada, the playing field is BY LAW, fair and balanced, in a way Fox News only dreams of being. So every time a fear-mongering religious organization aired an ad swearing t3h gayz would destroy Canada if Same-Sex Marriage passed, it was immediately followed by this -

Or this

Or this

And guess what? It WORKED! Because of the Fairness In Elections laws, people who were bombarded with Gathering Storm style anti-gay fearmongering ads would immediately be reassured the fearmongering was bullshit and *GASP!!!* Gay folks were just like everyone else. So while the approach of the Canadian Yes on Same Sex Marriage campaign's theme was basically "Let us suffer like the rest of you", it still reached people equally because the law here makes sure everyone gets equal time and people can never win an election solely by throwing money at it.

4. We don't need an Enda.

ENDA style equality protections under the law have been set in stone in Canada for over 40 years, since Canada's greatest Prime Minister ever, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, decided that the government had no goddamned business in the nation's bedrooms, and set out to convince the rest of the country to vote in agreement. Of course the Right in Canada, which was his own party, tried to oppose it with pretty much the same fearmongering the USA's right does, but where Barack Obama is sitting around with his thumb up his ass remaining eerily quiet on all those gay issues, Trudeau was horrified at the treatment of people in his country because of something that should be personal business in his opinion and so started his campaign. What started it? In 1965, Everett Klippert acknowledged to police that he was gay, had sex with men over a 24-year period, and was unlikely to change. In 1967, Klippert was sent to prison indefinitely as a "dangerous sex offender," a sentence which was backed up by the Supreme Court of Canada that same year. Trudeau, who was then the Justice Minister, was horrified that Klippert went to jail for his sex life which was hurting no one. He began researching the laws, and on December 22nd 1967 proposed his amendments to the Criminal Code. Of his proposals, Trudeau said,

"It's certainly the most extensive revision of the Criminal Code since the 1950s and, in terms of the subject matter it deals with, I feel that it has knocked down a lot of totems and over-ridden a lot of taboos and I feel that in that sense it is new. It's bringing the laws of the land up to contemporary society I think. Take this thing on homosexuality. I think the view we take here is that there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation. I think that what's done in private between adults doesn't concern the Criminal Code. When it becomes public this is a different matter, or when it relates to minors this is a different matter."

In 1969 after two years of debating, voting, and passage through the house, his amendments were adopted, and on July 20th 1971 after another two years of legal wrangling to get the law enfoeced in hindsight, Klippert was released from jail and Pardoned unconditionally. The snowball just rolled downhill from there, as more equality laws and protections followed. Alberta, being the most Conservative province in the country, was of course always last to adopt most protection clauses, fighting to dfefend it's right to fire a gay university professor as recently as 1991, but in the end, because of Trudeau's Criminal Code revisions, the Supreme court ruled against Alberta and the provincial government was forced to include sexual orientation in it's protection clauses beside religion and race. So thanks to Trudeau, in Canada, we don't need an ENDA, because we made discrimination against gay folks in employment and housing, and by police, illegal DECADES ago.

5. SRS is covered across country.

Granted, the provisions don't cover airfare to your doctor of choice, and most Provinces do have a cap on the amount that will be paid, so higher end surgeons like Toby Meltzer wouldn't be elligible as a surgeon choice under Pharmacare, and you'd still have to scrounge up your own travel money, but unlike in the USA where so many of my sisters have to resort to porn and prostitution to just survive, let alone save up for SRS and even just paying for HRT, in Canada, in every Province and Territory, EVEN Alberta, (who admittedly tried to quietly quash the coverage and failed), HRT is covered and your SRS is basically paid for. Hell in some provinces you can even apply to have facial hair removal by electrolosys covered. Although that one baffles me slightly, as Laser removal is NEVER approved for coverage even though it's cheaper than electro and less likely to scar, but oh well.

6. Our Military has proud out Gays and Lesbians.

And to the shock of NO ONE with a brain, it hasn't made one goddamn bit of difference in military readiness or effectiveness. The biggest problem in OUR military is the hetero colonel who was arrested earlier this year after being revealed to be a serial killer. But there have been no reports of gay shower rape or limp-wristed parades. ABSOLUTELY NONE of the evil terrifying consequences of openly gay soldiers that the US RRW are fearmongering about have ever come to pass here. Ironically it was DADT in the USA in 1992 that prompted the discussion up here, and it must've been a short discussion becaise in 1992 it was quietly announced that the Canadian military was removing all rules against gays serving openly. And as far as I can tell researching it, no one gave a fuck up here. There weren't even any notable religious protests. So a point to all the RRW folks fighting against a DADT repeal in the USA? Stuff it, Canada PROVES your fears are completely full of shit. OUR gay soldiers are serving right alongside YOUR gay soldiers in Afghanistan & Iraq, dying for YOUR country because YOUR army needed OURS to back you up in your illegal wars, and the gay soldiers of both countries are doing their best doing a job NO soldier should be doing right now, dying for oil and George Bush's lies just like the straight soldiers. The only, I repeat ONLY difference being OUR gay soldiers and YOUR gay soldiers is that OUR gay soldiers aren't being asked to disgrace the uniform by lying through their teeth about WHO THEY ARE. The biggest risk of gay soldiers in the US Military is severe depression issues from having to lie causing job performance issues. Fortunately for your army, gays are used to being expected to lie about who they are to keep the RRW comfortable, so they suck it up a lot better than any of the haters ever could.

6. Immigration isn't the anti-Christ up here.

This one is plain and simple. We don't have the huge immigration problems of the States because we have sane stable manageable Immigration Laws and our processes, while time-consuming, are reasonable and fair. We also don't mistreat and persecute our immigrants, as there are job protections for them to prevent the rampant abuse and mistreatment suffered by immigrants coming into America.

7. Because of all this, OUR economy isn't in the tank.

Granted we do still have a national debt but it isn't in the trillions, and we haven't had to give anyone bail-outs. Our economy is stable and reasonably healthy. Why? Because of everything I just listed above. Our fair election laws mean less money wasted on campaigns goes back into the budget. Our equality laws mean we have a better job force, as our unemployment rates are exceptionally low compared to the USA. While there are always lawsuits going on up here, there aren't near as many and there are so very few rampantly frivolous lawsuits wasting the courts' time and money. Same-Sex marriage in Canada has been a HUGE boost to tourism in Canada, mostly from disgruntled American gays coming up here to have their love honored and recognised. That's AMERICAN money pouring into OUR budget keeping OUR economy stable because American lawsare so fucking retarded when it comes to basic human equality that the USA is basically forcing a good chunk of it's population to take its money elsewhere. Because of our military policy, we aren't experiencing costly military losses of personnel and job turnover that the USA suffers every time DADT forces a soldier's dismissal in the US. We also aren't wasting billions on immigration issues, because OUR immigration system works. Oh, and let's not forget the single biggest reason Canada Trumps USA ass, and another contributing factor in why our economy is better, which is...

8. We aren't spending trillions each year on a misguided losing war on drugs.

Granted we do have drug enforcement, but OUR Drug cops actually focus on getting dangerous drugs off the streets. We don't waste billions every year on completely pointless advertising against marijuana that has been repeatedly proven ineffective. We've even decriminalized small amounts because we know that weed is mostly harmless and NOT the big evil gateway drug the USA's DEA wants you all to believe it is. WE even acknowledge the truth about why Marijuana was REALLY first criminalized by making use of HEMP in product making LEGAL. So we spend literally billions less on drugs than the USA does, and OUR Drug Task Forces actually focus their energy, resources and attention where they NEED to be; On the criminals who bring cocaine and meth to the streets, not on pointless campaigns villyifying a recreational HERB that has NEVER killed ANYONE.

Am I proud to be a Canadian? You're damned right I am. But unlike the louder American Patriots, I don't run around screaming Canada is the greatest country on earth. I just know we're better than the USA in a LOT of critical areas. Which brings me to the final reason why Canada kicks USA ass.

9. WE acknowledge our flaws and try to improve them.

The greatest arrogance of the USA that pisses off the rest of the world is their goddamn EGO. Americans are frequently caught on TV chanting USA USA! and claiming to be the greatest country on Earth. And when the DECENT Americans, the intelligent honest ones, try to point out the serious problems that the USA needs to address, they get overwhelmed and silenced, told that they're being unpatriotic or unAmerican, told not to buck the system. In this day and age some even still have the Communist label dropped on them. MacCarthyism never went away, it just changed it's tactics. I mean just look at how the Dixie Chicks were shamefully abused and shit on for years, all because they had the courage to publicly criticize a deplorable President. In Canada when we see something wrong with our country we talk about it. We ADMIT it, we have votes, conferences, studies, referendums, anything that needs to be done to find a way to fix it. We don't bully those who stand up and speak out. We admit we're not perfect and we don't go out of our way to silence dissent. It's only because the current US President is black that it's suddenly become okay to publicly shit on him. Racism is still rampant in the USA whether Americans want to accept it or not. But prior to Obama, when Dubbya was still in the big chair, how often would you hear the Un-American/IUnpatriotic accusations being tossed around whenever people spoke ouit loudly against Bush's policies? Hell in your country a politician recently said he wants to send his female senate opponent back to the kitchen, and he got away with ignoring the resulting public outrage by pawning it off on his staff. If a politician in Canada had said something so blatantly sexist in his official public campaign for office, his party would oust him immediately to avoid bad press.

So there you have it. With Canada Day and Independance Day now both in the books for 2010, these are my reasons why I think Canada had a lot more worth celebrating as a country this year, while the USA has a fuckload to be ashamed of. Feel free to comment on it. I'm sure a lot of you have opinions and I welcome them. But I'd like to point out that all my points are established fact, not just blind opinion. And that's the saddest part of all for the USA.


When An Honest Answer Will Screw You, Dodge The Question

At least that's the lesson I learned from my Twitter exchange with Louis Marinelli III, head of the Anti-Equality organization Protect Marriage; One Man One Woman. Which is like, so totally NOT a religious group, and like, fer sure in NO way in bed with NOM, and would like honestly I swear never condone hatespeech against homosexuals in their honorable battle to protect traditional marriage from t3h gayz.

You see I tweeted him. His Twiiter is @OneMan_OneWoman. At first I gave him some factual ACTUAL Bible quotes that prove the Bible can only be Anti-Gay is intentionally distorted. His reply?

@ShamanOfHedon We are not a religious organization, let alone a Christian organization. I have no idea where you are coming from.

So I replied linking him to any number of the literally HUNDREDS of webpages out there from various gay bloggers and news outlets that handily and undeniably prove the heavy Christian and Mormon fundraising that keeps him in business and his links to many religious organizations including many officially declared as Hate Groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Then I asked him, DARED him even, to give me a straight honest answer. I asked him for just ONE, only one, logical reason based purely in proven inarguable FACT, with absolutely NO religious background or basis whatsoever why my marriage was Wrong. He didn't answer for two days. I tweeted that his refusal to answer was exactly what I expected, because he HAD no answer. So he finally tweeted back, with this charming little pile of tripe.

@ShamanOfHedon Can't give you a reason because you're not married. Therefore, to talk about your 'marriage' to a woman is antithetical.

See what he did there folks? He doesn't HAVE to give me an honest answer because I'm not really married! Well gee whiz he sure has me there!

Oh wait...

Nope, he kinda fails with that reasoning. See folks, I'm Canadian, where religious nutcases HAVEN'T been successful in bullying away true equality. My marriage is every bit as legal and valid as his, and I'll bet good money a lot more loving and honest given how easily this asshole oozes lies and hatred like he's drinking water.

So only easily frightened folks already drinking this guy's Kool-Aid wouldn't see right through his response. Louis just proved, publicly, that he is a coward and a liar, always ready to use blatant dishonesty and distortions to lie his way out of being honest. He claims he can't answer me because I'm not married, which I just proved is a lie. We all know the truth.

He can't answer me because to give a truthful straight honest answer would shoot him in the foot, because if he can't sneak some religious basis into his answer to justify his actions, he's left with nothing but admitting it's because he hates gay people and he doesn't want us to be truly equal to him. He opposes Marriage equality because he is a hateful bigot and wants us to be forever second-class and sub-human. And if he gave me an HONEST answer, then he and his cronies buddies at NOM couldn't whine about how they're being bullied and persecuted whenever anyone calls them bigots, because an HONEST answer would require ADMITTING to bigotry. And Louis will NEVER do that. Whining about this completely imaginary victimization is his best way of getting god-fearing folks who never do any fact-checking to send him money.

Oh, one little post-script here. Since he weaselled out of answering my question, I asked him another one that I'm pretty sure he's too cowardly to answer.

I asked him how many starving homeless American children could he have clothed and fed with every dollar he's spent fighting marriage equality.

Let's see him sleep with hungry children on his eyes.


Even A Highly Respected Monster Is STILL A Monster

Female Genital Mutilation is a SERIOUS problem worldwide. Sadly, worldwide includes North America. In particular it's recently become public knowledge that Doctor Dix Poppas of Cornell Medical University in New York has for several years been performing needless cosmetically motivated clitoral reduction surgeries on girls aged 4-7 brought to him by scared naive parents, whose clitorii he deemed, in his "highly respected medical opinion", too big. He claims his surgery is "highly unlikely" to leave any nerve damage, and to prove it, he has these naive scared parents bring their daughters back to him for yearly follow-up exams where he tests for possible nerve damage BY TOUCHING THEIR GODDEAMN GENITALS WITH A VIBRATOR WHILE THEIR PARENTS WATCH.

There's an article about this on Change.org with an accompanying petition to get Cornell University to stop these unneccesary procedures, though personally I think just stopping them is not enough. Poppas needs to be fired and stripped of any and all legal permissions to practise medicine. I have every day now been tweeting and facebooking that article/petition and will continue to do so until Poppas is stopped.

Why you may ask, am I so vociferously uppity about this case?

I was "surgically corrected" as a baby by a doctor with similar attitudes to Doctor Poppas about what qualified as normal. Like Poppas' victims, I was never consulted with, I gave no informed consent, and my genital as they were posed absolutely NO risk of any kind to my health. The decision to butcher me was purely a cosmetic one, and it has had permanent long-term impact, negatively, on my biology and my sanity.

I am a biological XX female. I have a uterus, an ovary, and at birth a vagina. I also have a 4 inch penis and a testicle. The doctors in charge of my post birth natal care decided my genitals were abnormal and that I had to be "fixed". They believed they were protecting me from a life of shame. Instead they garaunteed me such a life and forever buggared my health.

You see a Freedom of Information request got the notes unsealed for me, and the clinical cold detatchment with which they decided I needed fixing horrified me. They did NOT inform my mother, only my father, who instanty agreed to the procedure. My vagina was underdeveloped, a "pinhole" as the lead surgeon described it. No internal examination was ever made, they decided on butchering me purely on visual information. They proceeded to stick a superheated metal rod into my vagina to cauterize and kill any mucous membranes, and then sewed me up leaving as close to a proper scrotum as they could. 4 days later they sent me home with my mother and told her I was a boy.

Because however they left my uterus intact, I began to menstruate when puberty hit. I grew breasts. Having always believed I was somehow really a girl anyway, the breasts were a mixed blessing. They confirmed my girlhood but also got me repeatedly beaten the shit out of in school. And I'm sure you ladies reading this can imagine the fun of menstruating every month when the blood has nowhere to go. And for years NO doctor took my complaints of feeling chronically nauseous and sick at monthly intervals seriously, so no one ever found my uterus with tests until it was too late

I decided I must be a transsexual and began the process of transition, hoping to get a VOLUNTARY and MUCH needed genital surgery that would make me feel whole at last. When I got my SRS approval letters I was given a full physical to test my body for it's physical elegibility for SRS. THAT was when my true bio sex and long hidden uterus were finally discovered. Except by then my blood disorder had progressed significantly, and as they learned I was already female, they also determined that ANY invasive surgery stood a 98% chance of killing me from rapid uncontrollable blood loss. So not only could I NOT have my SRS, but I can't even be opened up in any way that would allow the menses to be evacuated during my periods. My body is forced every month to slowly and painfully re-absorb it and filter it out.

I have had 36 years of emotional and psychological trauma, and since puberty, been chronically permanently sick, because some idiot doctor looked at my genitals and decided to "fix" me.

Trust me when I say this because I say it with the impunity only an actual victim of his kind of monster can; Poppas is a repugnant monster, and I garauntee you he is doing irrepairable harm to these girls. This man MUST be stopped, as well as any who share his medical ideals. Unneccesary cosmetic genital mutilation of infants and young children to fit some societal definition of "normaL" MUST stop, everywhere, and forever. Be it circumcision or intersex "correction", it is NOT needed and universally does more harm than good.

Of course there are those who dismiss my experience as irrelevant. While I still tweet/FB the article daily, I no longer let myself physically visit the page itself lest I get sucked back in to pointless comment wars with two particularly arrogant and unapologetic Mansplainers. And no, I don't think all men suck or blanketly hate all men, but I think the term Mansplaining is an apt and justifiable term to describe when a man uses his male privilege to tell a woman that what she KNOWS from personal experience can't POSSIBLY be anywhere near as hard or bad or traumatic as she thinks it is because in his male experience he doesn't think HE would find it so bad, therefore it must not be.

Among other things...

I've been told Poppas surgery can't be traumatic long-term to these girls because having ENTIRE CHUNKS of their clitoral shaft shaved off and shortened is "no worse than a boy being circumsized".

I've been told, (despite having already told them I'm a survivor of both child molestation and gang-rape), that I'm insulting "real" trauma victims by daring to suggest his invasive follow-up exams border on school-sponsored child molestation and have serious potential to further traumatize these girls.

I've been told that having a q-tip and a vibrator touching these girls' genitals for 20 minutes invasively while Poppas asks them to rate sensation from 0-5 is no different than a boy having his testicles cupped for 3 seconds and told to cough, and that having their parents watch is somehow magically garaunteed to make trauma even less likely.

I've been told that SOLELY because Poppas is a highly respected doctor at a highly respected college, then he can ONLY be doing what he thinks is best for these girls and I should take the word of the highly respected male doctor over my own experience because my own experience doesn't apply here. Apparently because what I went through was worse, it's therefore so different that I have no right to form an educated opinion on any long-term effects Poppas' surgeries could have.

But unlike those two men, I DO have that personal experience. Because unlike them I have BEEN THROUGH THIS. And survived. What I am being told is that MY opinion as a woman who survived things these men never even came CLOSE to am less qualified to comment on it than men with opinions based on solely their own opinions and NO firsthand experience.

That would be like someone telling me I had no right to be supportive of our friend Autumn Sandeen for her night in prison a few months ago because my being raped every night for three months in juvey at age 17 wasn't exactly the same thing and so therefore I can't have an educated opinion of how Autumn may have felt scared of the possibility of sexual abuse for her one night in jail because my experience wasn't exactly the same.

Seriously, would ANY of you who read me have the balls to tell me, as a survivor of rape, molestation, and unneccesary childhood genital correction, that I am not qualified to have ANY opinion on what could be traumatic and cause long-term psychological and physical problems?

Please, go here.

Click the petition link in the top right corner and sign it. Regardless of what the mansplainers who would defend this monster and dismiss my experience would say, Doctor Poppas IS a monster and he MUST be stopped.

Thank you.

- Penny Sautereau-Fife