When An Honest Answer Will Screw You, Dodge The Question

At least that's the lesson I learned from my Twitter exchange with Louis Marinelli III, head of the Anti-Equality organization Protect Marriage; One Man One Woman. Which is like, so totally NOT a religious group, and like, fer sure in NO way in bed with NOM, and would like honestly I swear never condone hatespeech against homosexuals in their honorable battle to protect traditional marriage from t3h gayz.

You see I tweeted him. His Twiiter is @OneMan_OneWoman. At first I gave him some factual ACTUAL Bible quotes that prove the Bible can only be Anti-Gay is intentionally distorted. His reply?

@ShamanOfHedon We are not a religious organization, let alone a Christian organization. I have no idea where you are coming from.

So I replied linking him to any number of the literally HUNDREDS of webpages out there from various gay bloggers and news outlets that handily and undeniably prove the heavy Christian and Mormon fundraising that keeps him in business and his links to many religious organizations including many officially declared as Hate Groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Then I asked him, DARED him even, to give me a straight honest answer. I asked him for just ONE, only one, logical reason based purely in proven inarguable FACT, with absolutely NO religious background or basis whatsoever why my marriage was Wrong. He didn't answer for two days. I tweeted that his refusal to answer was exactly what I expected, because he HAD no answer. So he finally tweeted back, with this charming little pile of tripe.

@ShamanOfHedon Can't give you a reason because you're not married. Therefore, to talk about your 'marriage' to a woman is antithetical.

See what he did there folks? He doesn't HAVE to give me an honest answer because I'm not really married! Well gee whiz he sure has me there!

Oh wait...

Nope, he kinda fails with that reasoning. See folks, I'm Canadian, where religious nutcases HAVEN'T been successful in bullying away true equality. My marriage is every bit as legal and valid as his, and I'll bet good money a lot more loving and honest given how easily this asshole oozes lies and hatred like he's drinking water.

So only easily frightened folks already drinking this guy's Kool-Aid wouldn't see right through his response. Louis just proved, publicly, that he is a coward and a liar, always ready to use blatant dishonesty and distortions to lie his way out of being honest. He claims he can't answer me because I'm not married, which I just proved is a lie. We all know the truth.

He can't answer me because to give a truthful straight honest answer would shoot him in the foot, because if he can't sneak some religious basis into his answer to justify his actions, he's left with nothing but admitting it's because he hates gay people and he doesn't want us to be truly equal to him. He opposes Marriage equality because he is a hateful bigot and wants us to be forever second-class and sub-human. And if he gave me an HONEST answer, then he and his cronies buddies at NOM couldn't whine about how they're being bullied and persecuted whenever anyone calls them bigots, because an HONEST answer would require ADMITTING to bigotry. And Louis will NEVER do that. Whining about this completely imaginary victimization is his best way of getting god-fearing folks who never do any fact-checking to send him money.

Oh, one little post-script here. Since he weaselled out of answering my question, I asked him another one that I'm pretty sure he's too cowardly to answer.

I asked him how many starving homeless American children could he have clothed and fed with every dollar he's spent fighting marriage equality.

Let's see him sleep with hungry children on his eyes.


  1. Ha! You're a joy to read. Working on an idea for a book yet? xoxo Kate

  2. I have a few popping around in my head, nothing set in stone yet.


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