A Banner Week

It's turning out to be a banner week for me.

My e-mail stalker trying to encourage my suicide, telling me how gross and disgusting and fat I am, demanding I provide proof of my "bullshit claims" of Queer Porn modelling because HE doesn't believe it.

The misogyinst pig on Pulse Wrestling who now trolls me all around the site to call me a stupid bitch whatever I post, because I intelligently and articulately destroyed him repeatedly and sexist infantile crap is all he can reply with.

Sexist idiots on a mansplaining article telling me how they don't have to listen to anything I say or take me seriously because my pic shows cleavage, therefore nothing I say carries any weight and I'm probably just a rambling airhead who didn't understand the article.

Particularly stupid Pro-Choicers who think being as gross, rude and classless as possible when talking about abortion is the greatest possible way to fight the Anti-Choicers attacking me as being a meek stupid carpet who doesn't understand how activism works.

And a skeptical lazy idiot doubting my bbeing intersexed and asking me to name my particular intersex condition, even though I had already done so in the comment he was replying to.

Apparently wanting to NOT be a blatantly offensive cunt and therefore stoop to the level of the oppressors makes me a weak carpet. Apparently being open and honest about my body's defects automatically makes me suspect. Apparently possessing tits and not keeping them hidden like an 18th century schoolmarm magically renders my intellect non-existent. Apparently not blindly agreeing with a raving moron makes me a stupid bitch. And apparently being fat and NOT hiding under my blankets every day crying about how gross I am means I'm doing something evil and must be encouraged to kill myself so shallow men don't have to see a strong confidant fat bitch get more pussy than them.

Sorry but FUCK that noise.

I will make more people listen to reason with tact and class than rampant aggressive vulgarity, and save the "Fucks" for when they're needed.

I will continue to talk openly about my body and what was done to it when I was a baby.

I will tell sexist pigs what they're doing wrong even if I'm showing cleavage.

I will continue to trounce the moron who calls me stupid by politely and articulately destroying his arguments leaving him with only insults as a rebuttal.

And I will continue to be goddamn beautiful and fabulous even when shallow basement dwelling mouth-breathers who are likely still virgins and can't get a woman without cash up front rage at me because more women want me than will ever even LOOK at them.

I am Penny. I have survived things that would break most people. I have earned every single scar. I am intelligent and wise. And I am fucking BEAUTIFUL.