Bug Brennan Lies In Public. In Other News, Water is Wet

So today on Twitter while I was debating with a bigot from National Review who was spouting some "Trans women are men" crap. I was trouncing him with proven medical science and he quickjly scurried off whimpering, unable to retort.

Then lo and behold Bug Brennan, on her GIDWatch account, came out of nowhere with thi tweet;

And linking to the screencap in the middle of my final word on our debate from TWO BLOODY YEARS AGO.

Except this is blatant proof that Bug lies.

You see her little caption at the bottom of the screencap? The one that reads "Only in a male mind would harassing someone into submission and having them take such measures to avoid interactions in the future be a success"?

Bug harassed ME. Because I was calling out TERF bigotry. SHE started mouthing off at ME on Twitter. Calling me a man, a rapist in a dress, trying to goad me into screaming at her. I didn't "force her to block me to escape my harassment of her", I forced her to block me because I wasn't taking her bait, and she couldn't think of a good reply to me pointing out that I have a uterus. 

"LOL Sure you do" is NOT the final tweet of a woman who feels frightened and harassed who is blocking to escape someone she feels terrified will harm her. 

It's the parting shot of a troll who's fleeing the fight THEY picked when it becomes clear they're in over their head. Bug does not get harassed. SHE harasses. She attacks, she doxes, she actively encourages violence against trans women. If anyone is violent it's HER. 

And her ridiculous assertion that "only a male mind" would view being blocked as a success? PLEASE. I know WAY too many cis women who would outright brag that they got a loudmouthed hateful bigot to block them because they straight up outdebated her.

Bug did not block me because she felt threatened. I never threatened her or even insulted her when she picked a fight with me. She blocked me because I refused to take her bait, and likely because she feared some of her followers might be swayed by my factchecking.
So, any of my cis ladypals want to comment on this blog and tell Bug how wrong she is?