So Long Aunty Kate

So Kate Bornstein favourited tweets that were directly attacking me using blatant lies because they supported her "Tranny is okay to say and you all need to chill" narrative. 

That was the final straw to do what I should have done years ago; Excize her from my life. I've been putting it off for the longest time because of her cancer. I didn't want to be the girl who "abandons a friend over a philisophical disagreement". I wanted to be a supportive friend while she fought cancer regardless of how vehemtly I disagreed with her "Tranny" apologism.

But the EwPaul fallout has shown me that you can't be the nice girl when your friends are actively shooting your legs out from under you. Kate still, even through her cancer battle, actively promotes myths, mlies and utter bullshit to defend the use of the word tranny and is frankly condescending and dismissive of anyone who disagrees. Had she been ANYONE else that wasn't a friend I'd have blocked her for that shit YEARS ago.
But when a cis gay male drag queen started concern trolling me oin Twitter over my tweets to Kate imploring her to look at the harm she causes by pimping the word, expressing sympathy for my being hospitalized by a trans bashing but STILL insisting the word was positive despite how my bashers used it, who then started accusing me of "erasing Drag Culture" and somehow bashing Genderqueers and black gay people despite my ONLY ever having talked about the word tranny being a hate word and literally NONE of the shit he started pulling out of his ass, Kate Bornstein, my supposed friend, the woman who rode me like a racehorse to start writing an autobiography because she felt my writing was charming and intelligent and needed to be shared with the world, favourited three tweets where this man was directly personally ad-hominem attacking me because they pimped Kate's "Drag Invented Tranny so Tranny is Okay To Say" meme.

And that was when I realized. Sometimes you CAN'T be the nice girl.

Kate HAVING cancer was not a good enough reason for me to turn a blind eye and overlook her BEING a cancer to trans women. However much I care about her as a person and friend, she clearly cares more about pimping her Tranny narrative than about her friends. She saw me being attacked and she CHEERED THE ATTACKER. Because the attacker supported her narrative and I did not.

And I can no longer blind myself to the cancer of Kate Bornstein's beliefs, and I had to excise it. And so I did.