Predictable Cowardice In Defeat

As many of you know, I'm a laundry list of health problems, which generally limit my ability to function outside the house. So it's no surprise really that, aside of my wife, the internet comprises the bulk of my social life and human interaction. And while I'm certainly no stranger to trolls, as evidenced by past blogs about them, I do find a certain kind of trolling I was recently reminded enough very interesting in the current political climate south of the border.

Tea Party wingnuts down in Yankee-land make Stephen Harper's Conservatives look like the Bill Clinton fan club by comparison. Far right leaning people have a well documented history of seriously insane distortions of facts and outright lies in their attempt to force the rest of the world to revert to a fictional 1950's utopia of God-Fearing family values, women in the kitchen, blacks driving your car, mexicans in the garden and homosexuals rotting in a shallow grave. Their perfect world.

The reason this is on my mind is because of a couple idiots on YouTube, very right-wing in their political opinions, tried to out-argue me about whether Glenn Beck lies, the "horrors" of Obamacare, why their taxes shouldn't have to pay for the medical needs of lazy freeloaders, etcetera etcetera yadda yadda.

To the surprise of no intelligent person, I trounced their every argument, complete with evidence and facts to back me up. I outquoted the Bible to them, offered direct links to indisputable proof that Glenn Beck lies like he breathes, and offered first person knowledge of Canada's universal healthcare system and it's effectiveness while pointing out that the US could have had the same thing had Obama not caved in to right-wing paranoia and severely gutted the bill, so calling it Obamacare is unfair at best given it's a stunted castrated worthless bill designed to appease the paranoid delusions of the Rich Right.

The afore-mentioned specific trolling comes into play here. However insane their political ideology, I do believe at first they were at least attempting a legitimate debate with me. When I successfully trounced them at every turn with facts and logic, they lapsed into blatant trolling. They followed my username to a video of me talking about Entertainment Tonight's trans double standard, (Chaz Bono is brave and special, Alexsis Arquette is a joke and a freakshow, go figure), and resorted to insulting my weight, gender, sexuality, et al.

Get that? Because they failed to out-debate me, because they could not counter my points, because everyone else on the threads agreed I trounced them in the argument, the only way they felt they could save face was to try and undermine everything I said by mocking physical features of my body beyond my control and by suggesting my gender issues negate any political arguments I could make.


"People are laughing at your ugly ass. Are you a man or a woman? My guess is neither. You can't decide what you want to be and you want to discuss politics. Get fucking real."

"Oh my god. I dont know whether to laugh or to run for cover. That thing is hideous."

"You look like something from Tromaville or Wrong Turn. Somebody oughta club your libtard ass."

"How can anyone take you seriously? You chopped off your weiner for christ's sake."

So let's review; They had no facts that successfully countered me. They could not come up with any intelligent or logical rebuttal to my proof. They were so thoroughly trounced that they had two options. The option reasonable intelligent people take, which is to admit they were wrong about try to educate themselves better about the issues.

Clearly they did not choose this option. They, like about 95% of Teabaggers and Right-wing wingnuts always take.

Christian Right Playbook 101; When facts get in the way of your beliefs, NEVER bend to the facts because the facts are left wing liberal hippy lies. Instead point out somethhing arbitrary about the person who out-argued you, ridicule it relentlessly with crude immaturity and sexist/homophobic/transphobic rhetoric, and then suggest that because the person who trounced you is gay/trans/black/female/etc is obviously confused and has an agenda and should NEVER be taken seriously.

So, because I'm an intersexed woman, I apparently can't even decide what I am and therefore have no business discussing politics with them there white menfolk.

A-Hyuk y'all.


When Is One's Religion Okay To Attack?

(Crossposted as a Diary on PHB)

Since stepping up to Autumn Sandeen's defense, here, on Pam's House Blend, and on TS-Si, I've found that the hateful elitist bullies in the SRS MADE ME BETTER THAN YOU midset have become very personal.

Now despite the fact we've seen they'll howl bloody murder and demand that someone censor their opponents for imaginary TOS violations, (She pointed out that when I call Autumn a man, I sound like Peter LaBarbera! That's clearly a personal attack!), they are the first to engage in ACTUAL personal attacks. Whether or not they are aware of their hypocrisy or genuinely that oblivious, I'm truly not sure, but Leigh, the vaunted "Woman of History", (despite that I've never heard of her til now), decided to directly bring my religion into the argument.

Now I'm no stranger to religious arguments. And if someone tries to tell me I'm an abomination because the Bible says so I WILL fiercely attack their position, accuse them of abusing their religion, and point out one by one all the things I know about the Bible that they've intentionally misquoted to prove what the abused passage really says.

BUT, I will attack someone's religion ONLY if they first use it to attack me or to justify their attacks against me. If your entire basis for argument is "God says..." or "The Bible says..." or suchlike, I will attack your bullshit because that is abuse of religion and a religious belief alone is NOT a valid argument against my very existance.

I however, do not do that. I leave my faith out of arguments like these. You will NEVER hear me defend my stance in a debate by saying "Hedon says...". Why? Because my beliefs have no bearing on the facts being debated. My faith may personal give me strength and pause to fight these fights, but they are not my basis for argument.

I fight hate because my faith says I should because hate is wrong. I DEBATE a stance like the HOLEier Than Thou crowd are taking because the fact prove them wrong and the evidence shows their stance will do the fight for equality harm if left unanswered,

So when I've made my point so well WITH facts, logic and evidence that the haters cannot defeat me by out-debating me, they have to either mature enough to accept they've been proven wrong, or childishly cling to their bigotry by finding some way to discredit ME as a person so that anything I say is deflated by my not being taken seriously.

If you've read my blog you know I'm very public about my life. I hide prescious little. So there's plenty there for them to try and twist. So let's see...

Make fun of me being raped in juvey? Hmm... no, they COULD say I was probably just gay and enjoyed it, but even THEY know mocking rape would backfire on them hugely.

Ridicule my youthful mistakes? Nope, we all make them, it's not exactly a stable fallback position.

Oh I know! They could ridicule how a threesome with hot chicks somehow kicked my ass to start transitioning! Um... er.... no, that just... no then they'd have to talk about (EWWWWW) Sex!

So that leaves my faith. Which is small and obscure and to a skeptic even I admit looks like I probably made it up. The fact that I've met complete strangers who believe exactly as I do is inconsequential, my faith is small, pagan, and way out there, and I don't have a bajillion followers, so HAHAHA! Fair game! Let's make fun of what Penny believes in! That way people will just think she's some new-agey crackpot and no one will take her inarguable logic seriously therefore derailing any attempt she could ever make to defeat us!

And so that's what Leigh and at least one anonymous coward are resorting to. Despite the fact I myself never brought it up, they're now dismissing anything I say in a condescending tone because I believe in a Trinity Goddessthat is nature based and sex positive, and gender nuetral. And they dismiss me the way an insensitive grown-up dismisses their child's imaginary friend.

So when is one's religion okay to attack? Apparently when it's the only thing left you can nitpick against someone who was beating you just fine without it.

Even I don't actually attack my enemy's religion, I attack their direct misuse of it.

Apparently, those I've out-debated lack my moral character on that particular tactic.

Nothing says desperation more in a losing argument than having to attack something completely unrelated to win.


A Reminder Of All I Stand For

A quick and easy refresher course on my beliefs for anyone who may care, given how uppity I've been this weekend since the TS-Si business began.

About the Trinity Of Hedon.

I: Reviving Hedon
II: Where Hedon Was
III: Precepts & Tenets
IV: Other Matters
V: On Other Faiths
VI: Our Hildays
VII: The Circle Binding

No belief in my Goddess or her aspects is obligatory to believe that the Hedon way of life is a good, tolerant and loving way to live.

You are of course welcome to think I'm completely nuts, but if so please just move on. No Hate Needed.

In Reply to Anonymous and Leigh

(Blogger is fucking up and refuses to publish this as a comment, on my own blog no less, and so I'm posting it as a new entry altogether)

Funny how the comment calling me a spoiled child for speaking the TRUTH was left Anonymously. I think that answers itself. Someone who lacks the courage to back up such a childish statement obviously has no valid rebuttal to my stance. For the record, the only way to get that comment posted would have been to remove the painfully accurate comparison of Evangelina and Josephine's garbage to what LaBarbera spouts on his website. If you change a few names and pronouns here and there, they are INTERCHANGABLE. The message here was "Stop pointing out things that prove our bigotry that we can't out-debate and we'll let your neutered post through so we can retain our delusions of superiority". You'll notice that the anonymous comment is utter crap directly attacking me without arguing any validity or logic, just being snide for snide's sake and I have left it completely intact. TS-Si lacked that conviction and in so doing proved their real stance. They are in fact, an elitist hate site.

As for Leigh, well, you've completely missed the point dear. I am NOT defending Transvestites/crossdressers claiming to be transsexual. I am drawing a line between tv/cd's and NON-OP Transsexuals LIKE Autumn. I do not personally hate TV/CD's, and I DO in fact dislike those among them who try to blur the line, as my blog entry from October titled "Transformations" clearly shows. My problem is with elitist post-ops basically lumping all who still have a penis together. Autumn Sandeen is NOT a transvestite or a crossdresser. She does NOT identify as a man. Crossdressers and Transvestites dress for sexual fetishism and do not do so 24/7, and except for those who are actuall transsexuals taking their first steps TOWARD being full-time, do not identify AS women. Autumn Sandeen DOES Identify as a woman. Full Time. Unlike most crossdressers (except for parties) Autumn goes out every day in public looking feminine, risking violence. A crossdresser can take off all his clothes and go back to blending in just fine as a man, a trans woman is never comfortable in masculinity.

The desire and will towards SRS is NOT the one lone and sole marker of being a transsexual. It is as I have stated, a TREATMENT. Getting SRS does not cure you, you will STILL be XY afterwards. You will be every bit as much a woman in your heart, mind and soul as you were before SRS, but you will always be physically male. The ONLY reason for one to believe in SRS as the end-all be-all cure is insecurity in your own identity. SRS is a viuable treatment. If it wasn't for the fact it'll kill me I'd happily get my genitals fixed, but NOT because I think it will somehow magically make me more real as a woman. I'm ALREADY a "real" woman. I just happen to not like having a penis. To meet it feels wrong, to ME, Personally. This does NOT automatically mean I think someone who can shrug it off is less a woman than me. It is JUST A LUMP OF FLESH. It does NOT define me nor anyone else. And for the record Leigh, you don't have to be Trans in ANY way to appreciate hurtful misgendering. I know lots of effeminate but heterosexual men who flip out when called She, and lots of androgynous women who are deeply hurt when called sir. Gender is very much NOT as black & white as the staff of TS-Si wish to believe. They ARE infact saying Non-ops don't count by immediately dismissing ANY Trans woman with no need or desire for SRS as a transvestive/Crossdresser. As a MAN IN A DRESS. An insult I know they have heard personally and been hurt by. That they can do thisd and insist there is no bigotry involved, and while forgetting everything they endured to reach where they are now, is appalling. I'm happy you got your SRS 25 years ago Leigh, but it did not MAKE you a woman, you have always BEEN a woman, and still would be now even if SRS had never been pheasible for you. And I'm glad Autumn will stand up for our issues even if I disagree with her methods sometimes, because women like you and the staff of TS-Si certainly aren't lifting a finger to fight for our rights. You seem to think SRS cured you and now you're just ordinary women and could care less about those of us still struggling for acceptance. So if YOU won't stand up for Trans rights, SOMEONE has to. It may as well be Autumn, she certainly has a lot more character than women like "Josephine". Josephine spouts clearly hateful bile behind a childish and mildly homophobic nom de plume. Autumn gracefully and with class rebuked that bile without lowering herself to it using the name on her ID.

I'm sorry but those are the facts, and TS-Si remains in the wrong. Attacking me like spoiled children for saying so bluntly will not make them any less wrong Anonymous. And Leigh, thank you for a mature reply even though we disagree, I hope you think seriously on what I've said.


T-Si Censors Me In Pure Cowardice

And Ironically in doing so completely validates the argument I put forth in my last blog entry.

This is the text of the e-mail the T-Si site owner sent me. It includes the full text of the comment of mine that she deleted and the supposed TOS violations she claims justify the censorship. Decide for yourselves.


> Penny,
> Your comment on TS-Si.org, posted to "Autumn
> > die-for-your-si
> ns> Sandeen (did not) Die For Your Sins", located at
> http://ts-si.org/guest-columns/24747-autumn-sandeen-did-not-die-
> for-your-sin
> s,
> has been placed on moderation pending resolution of Terms of Usage
> Violations. The comment was posted at 2010-04-30 18:36:17 under
> the title
> "Evangelia, you just proved my point for me."
> The comment text contains excessively personal attacks, invidious
> comparisons, and potentially libelous statements. Please
> consider revising
> the text and resubmitting it at your convenience. For
> convenience, we have
> included (below) your original text and our terms.
> Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
> Sharon S. Gaughan
> TS-Si Co-Founder, VP & Executive Director
> Managing Editor, TS-Si.org
> http://ts-si.org
> "Evangelia, you just proved my point for me." By Penny
> Sautereau-Fife
> You just sounded EXACTLY like every Christian, Republican, Rad-
> Fem hate
> blogger justifying their bigotry. A bigot never THINKS they're a
> bigot no
> matter how many people say otherwise. And as I have not attacked
> you, only
> your behavior, your sudden shift into subtly being derogatory
> towards me
> personally is even more telling. You are in fact, being very
> much a bigot by
> insisting stubbornly to misgender Autumn and adamantly refusing
> to change
> such hatemongering unless Autumn changes to conform to what YOU
> believe. But
> no, you're not bigoted at all are you. Just like a Christian
> vehementlycondemning homosexuality isn't being a bigot because
> gee gosh, they're
> attacking the SIN of homosexuality, not the homosexuals themselves!
> Like it or not your words just now have effectively proven me
> right. Change
> a few names here and there and that reply could have as easily
> been one of
> Matt Barber or Peter LaBarbera's anti-gay rants.
> You believe whatever you like personally about Autumn, but as
> long as you
> repeatedly, wilfully and intentionally misgender her and justify with
> euphemisms, backpedalling and frankly, utter double-talking hair-
> splittingbullshit to swear up and down you're not being hateful
> towards her, you
> cannot fairly expect anyone to take you yourself seriously. I
> could very
> easily play the "I have a uterus so I'm more real than you"
> card, but I
> don't. Because I am not a bigot. If you say you live full-time
> 24/7 as a
> woman, I accept that because it's how you identify yourself.
> Your genitals,
> whatever they might be, are none of my damned business, and even
> if you told
> me every 5 minutes what's in your pants well, it may make
> me sick of you as
> a person, but I won't call you sir because it annoys me. Autumn lives
> full-time in a female role. She does not do this for sexual
> gratification.She risks violence every time she leaves the
> house. That would not change if
> she got srs. srs is NOT the cure to transsexuality, it is simply
> one of the
> possible treatments. Autumn identifies as female. THAT is what
> you and
> Josephine keep attacking. You point out her tactics, character
> flaws and
> issues as secondary to what offends you most, her lack of SRS.
> THAT is my
> issue with you. THAT is bigotry and hatemongering. You misgender
> her out of
> your personal biases, and any valid points you have about
> Autumn's other bs
> is immediately rendered secondary and pointless. Even if Autumn
> did get SRS,
> her character flaws would still be there. What would be your
> excuse then?
> Would your complaint become then "You got your pussy now shut up
> and go
> stealth like the rest of us"?
> Not that I expect you to get it. I've read all you and J's rebuttals.
> Between pseudo-babble and snide condescending dismissals, you
> think you're
> defending yourselves against my points but in fact just proving
> them. I've
> dissected every tripe argument you throw at me, you're still
> dodging the
> root issue.
> The presentation of your criticisms of Autumn's behavior,
> however valid in
> point, is rendered null by the clear and blatant bigotry and
> hatred you're
> displaying. You are doing to her something you personally know
> hurts deeply
> because it's likely been done to you and hurt you. That above
> all else is my
> biggest issues with this garbage. You KNOW you're being hurtful
> and instead
> of apologising and focusing on Autumn's self-serving behavior,
> you instead
> go the right-wing asshole route of trying to explain why your
> clear bigotry
> isn't really bigotry.
> Try again. This time use the brain you clearly posess and look
> at my points
> instead of dismissing them so you don't have to admit you fucked up.
> ^^^^^^^^^^
> TS-Si welcomes responsible comments.
> We encourage lively, open debate, but ask that you show respect
> for others.
> We often publish material that presents challenges and insights
> worthy of
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> are subject to further sanctions.
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> TS-Si, Inc. These Terms of Use are subject to modification at
> any time and
> at our discretion.


If you read through the comments section on the original offending article here, you will see many comments that contain more direct personal attacks than anything I said, including the last comment by Evangelina which my "offending comment" was a reply TO. Again, judge for yourself. Unlike SOME people, I'm not afraid to risk being disagreed with, as I have the figurative balls to stand by any point I make, and the strength to admit when I'm proven to be misguided or outright mistaken. Sadly the staff of T-Si seems to not share that particular moral fibre. I'm FAR from perfect, but I'm no coward.