About the Florida Shootings

This is very simple. Please clean out your ears and listen. I will NOT repeat myself.


The skin colour and religion of the shooter is FUCKING IRRELEVANT. His targets were QUEER PEOPLE. In a country where Christian Republicans have introduced over 600 bills in the past 6 months alone to limit or erase LTBGQI rights. This is NOT about fucking Islam. It's about America's rampant hate for Queer people reaching it's logical conclusion. When you go out of your goddamned way to dehumanize and other us, some asshole with a gun is GOING to eventually try to gun us down like animals. 

Islam did not cause this to happen America. YOU FUCKING DID.

Stop blaming foreign brown people. Take responsibility for YOUR hatemongering.

You yell and scream about trans women in bathrooms but it's somehow the entirety of Islam's fault a guy murdered a bunch of queer folks.

Fuck you, fuck your bullshit fake "outrage" at all the "American lives lost". YOU DIDN'T CARE ABOUT US TIL A BROWN MAN SHOT US.

So don't fucking act like you give a flying fuck about us NOW just so you can pimp your Islamaphobe Agenda. Don't use queer people to justify hating brown people. Don't use an act of hatred to create and spread more of it. YOU got us killed today, NOT Islam.

Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for the climate YOU created America.