Louis Marinelli Shoots Himself In The Foot With His NOM Camera

Poor poor Louis. He's clearly getting desperate. He knows he looks like a liar even to his supporters now when he SWEARS he has no affiliation with NOM, even though he owns and is driving the RV that is taking NOM across the USA on their repulsive "Summer For Marriage" tour. Not to mention the ABUNDANCE of proof on the internet.

So since he knows he looks like a liar, (because he IS one), he needs to try to make himself look like a brave intrepid hero, (by lying even more), and use his trusty camera to prove how the po' innocent lil NOMbies are being victimized by the big bad Gay Agenda (™ & ©). The proble,? Any GOOD photagrapher, like ME for example, can use his own photos to prove his deception.

Now you should know that poor victimized Louis thinks I misrepresent and victimize him. He didn't like how my blog entry about him clearly revealed his hateful bullying hypocrisy and his fear of honesty, so he mumbled off a victimhood tweet and dared me to post our ENTIRE Twitter exchange so people could see who the "real hateful bully" was. Not expecting me to call his bluff, I scared him off completely when I said if he just gives me an honest answer to my original question, I'd do a blog entry of EVERY tweet he and I traded, in order. I never heard from him again. Likely because we all know an honest answer to my question stripped of his bullshit religious justifications would crumble his stance right out from underneath him. But that's no surprise of course, all over the net there is ABUNDANT proof that whenever Louis argues with someone smarter than him who can out-think and out-debate him at every level, when his bullshit is easily dissected and he can't argue the facts away, he goes silent and runs away like the coward he is rather than accept he's been proven wrong. Denial is his lifeblood.

So to be fair to poor victimized Louis, here's a link to his blog entry that I am about to rip to pieces, so he can't accuse me of misrepresenting him or taking him out of context.... you know, the way he does to everyone and everything else.

So let's start with his first photo of the Albany NOM event. While he tries to downplay YET another abyssmal turnout in Albany, ("Local supporters were happy with the turnout, explaining that downtown Albany is a "ghost town" on weekends."), he still uses this photo to attempt to make a couple dozen people seem like they could be hundreds.

Notice he makes it seem like more than 30 people showed up by carefully photographing the first row from an upward angle, just in front of the knees of the guy at the end of the line, aimed mostly towards the head of the guy at the other end in the second row. This is an old and common camera deception, designed specifically to give the visual cues to whoever sees the picture to make it look less sparse and thus trick your mind into imaging a much bigger crowd. So the NOM rally looks like it attracted hundreds, when maybe 30 people showed up at all. Deceptive Angle photography is a common trick, especially among less honest news photographers and Papparazzi, to create a visual that tricks your mind into perceiving something differently. This angle trick is a desperate attempt to make it appear they garnered more interest in their hate rally than they actually did.

Now, let's look at his second photo. Here he's trying to make one of NOM's many lie-spewing hatemongers, Doctor Jennifer Morse, ("She went on to make the points that kids need a mom and a dad and that moms and dads are not interchangeable. She said if you look at the studies that the gay lobby put out, they want you to believe that the only good man is a gay man.") Appear powerful and confident by shooting her from a lower angle, making her seem slightly imposing, but by stupidly trying to make sure the NOM banner is visible he also reveals the truth his first photo was designed to obscure; the abyssmal turnout. Look at those steps there behind her? See anyone sitting there? Nope, not a one. You would at a successful rally though. Those stairs would be full of cheering supporters if NOM had attracted a good crowd. But there they are, empty barren concrete steps, showing just how alone Dr. Morse really is up there spewing her distortions.

Photo number three is designed to make the pro-equality protesters who accompany the NOM hatefest around the country look like big scary bullies terrorizing poor Dr. Morse. ("Marching in organized single-file lines bearing umbrellas, the activists marched from behind and took over the stage where Dr. Morse and the other speakers were to be speaking. They didn't make much noise but did monopolize the stage area. Apparently, they were there without a permit which caused a few State Troopers to arrive and inform that they could not rally at that time and location without a permit. The police left the scene shortly afterwards, leaving the homosexual activists surrounding the podium.") Well Louis can't even keep his own lies straight. How does a straight line of people surround anything? Louis tried to make the protesters look rude and ominous by taking a low angle shot so they'd seem bigger than the speaker and appear threatening and imposing, but he failed to notice their backs are all turned. There is nothing LESS threatening than a guy with his back to you, wide open for you to stab him in it. Which of course you do figuratively every day right Louis boy? So once again, his attempt to lie through photography failed.

Oh and, in case no one was reading between the lines, Louis lied again when claiming the protesters had no permit and cops showed up. First of all, IF any cops really shopwed up, he'd have pictures of it and be posting them ad nauseum to show the noble officers protesting them all from the Pink Menance! Secondly, if they truly had no permits and cops showed up, they'd be forced to leave, not left on (*snickers*) Stage to protest. Honesty 3, Louis -5.

So at this point Lou must be realizing somewhere in his bitter tiny brain, that thse pics don't do enough to sway gullible people into supporting him and NOM. So he needs to blatantly make some shit up from scratch to villify t3h GaYz.

Here Louis shows us the big scary Labradours that a couple protesters brought with them to intimidate the supporters. AGAIN, a huge failure. While he tries to focus on the dogs, he makes a mistake his prior pictures should have alerted him to easily had he the actual talent to pull these frauds off. He let the dog-ownwers hands, shorts and legs be seen in his shot. This is photographic proof taken by his OWN camera that he made this up. Those dogs belong to park goers. He asked for a picture because they were wearing shorts like the protesters, but the protesters all stuck together for unity, they NEVER strayed off into smaller groups, safety in numbers. They stay close knit in case a nom supporter gets militant and starts a fight. And yes Lou, it WILL be a NOMmer who eventually throws the first punch. So knowing this, why are the dog owners not with the other protesters clearly visible behind them? Why do their shorts not exactly match those worn by any of the protesters? Because they were NOT protesters. They were two folks walking their dogs and not even close enough to the couple dozen NOM supporters to scare anyone.

(UPDATE; Louis posted another picture that does at least prove Protesters DO own the dogs, but that doesn't change anything. They're LABS for fuck's sake! The LEAST violent dog on the planet! Shitzus are more viscious! And his new picture proves they kept the dogs away from the NOMbies. So in proving the dogs DID belong to protesters, he inadvertantly proved they were NOT being used to intimidate. When you catch a man in his blatant lies and make him desperate top be able to say HA gotcha!, you make him even more careless. He COULD have posted this new picture on the original blog entry. He didn't. Why? BECAUSE this new pic proves the dogs were not being used to intimidate and he couldn't spew his bullshit to it.)

Oh, and finally, Louis' biggest attempt, (and biggest failure) to vilify us to drum up support.

So here we have some pro-equality protesters apparently bullying a poor innocent nursing mother, who just wants to clearly see the rally in peace. Says King Louis;

"Sitting on the grass with her three young kids, Maria, pictured to the right, was prohibited from viewing the rally from this line of homosexual activists who refused to move over a few feet to allow for a line of vision for the nursing mother. She asked them and we also asked them to stand slightly to the left or right out of respect for Maria but they wouldn't budge. One of them even threatened us when we asked them to move over. One of those 'you better not touch us' lines. Really classy."

His own photo kicks him square in the testicles with this bullshit lie. Let's review shall we?

The poor picked-on breastfeeding mother... who is....
Clearly not breastfeeding in this picture, unless she has nipples atop her shoulders, and also...

She's not even FACING the NOM rally, which is actually going on behind and to her right. If the protesters are blocking her view of anything, it's trees and grass.

God Louis you're not even trying anymore. Did you just hope no one would spot the NOM bus and the very same building where Dr. Morse was preaching bullshit was right there in the background of your photo clearly proving your are blatantly lying? And that woman, first of all, was clearly just a mother taking her family to the park. Second, she has a soft smile on her face so she's clearly not upset by the protesters. Third, the protesters you AGAIN shoot from a low angle to create the big threatening imposing figure illusion, are spaced visibly far enough apart that the woman could see past them with no problem. Yes Lou, the smiling woman chatting with the polite respectful protesters seems so put off and upset by her inability to see a rally she wasn't attending to begin with. Oh and let's not forget, her other kids are not showing any fear, upset or distress. They seem to be quite happily going on about their business. I doubt you said one word to the nice black mother Louis, and if you did I bet her only reply was "Fuck off you sleazy creep".

If I want this post to prove ANYTHING, well, besides what a lying hypocrite douchebag Lou is, it's that evil CAN be overcome by education. The more you learn reality, facts and science, the more you can spot the lies and distortions designed to keep you ignorant and afraid. This is why the Religious Right opposes so many things. Educated minds are harder to deceive. Texas just removed Thomas Jefferson from all American History books because he wasn't a Christian and had radical ideas the GOP doesn't want their kids exposed to lest they learn enough to see through the oppression they're raised to follow blindly.

Louis J. Marinelli is a liar. The proof of this is abundant and easy to find. He is also a mean-spirited bully and a hatemonger, using seriously outdate and discredited anti-gay research to justify calling us all pedophiles. And he is a huge spineless coward, who will run away from any argument he can't bullshit his way out of. When he preaches to the gullible sheep who believe his scary lies about us scary evil gay folk, no one questions him, no one challenges him. And it fuels his hateful ego.

But when he tries to convince educated people of his bullshit, like me on Twitter, or his many debates with Jeremy of Good As You, he fails and he fails hard, because we know his bullshit for what it is, and we counter it with facts and logic and reason that he can't bullshit away. And when as he often is, faced with the choice to accept the truth, admit his mistakes, and try to better his life, he always, ALWAYS, proves his bullying hatemongering cowardice by dodging hard questions with bullshit rhetoric, denying we offered any proof he's wrong, saying he doesn't need to humor anything we say because we're disordered pedophiles who will never be married or be really in love, and disappearing from the conversation going LALALALAICAN'THEARYOUUUUU. And he never replies again, he moves on to the next failure hoping some stupid person will believe his lies.

Maggie? Brian? THIS IS THE MAN YOU ARE IN BED WITH. And don't waste your energy denying it, once again, the proof is everywhere. Give up your hateful fight, accept that you ARE in fact bigots and are victims of NOTHING except your own paranoia, and let EVERYONE be EQUAL.


  1. You are a nutcase.

  2. Hi Louis, tired of all the people backing me up on your blog yet?

    Disagreeing with a clearly hatemongering and dishonest anti-gay bigot and proving him a liar with his own words and photos does not a nutcase make. Spewing the garbage he spews and defending his garbage as anything but the hatemongering it is? THAT a nutcase does indeed make.

    PS - Why is it all the pro-equality supporters leave their names when they comment but all the anti-gay bigots always post anonymously?

    I'd bet good money the anonymous cowards who comment in support of Louis on his blog are probably at most the same 3 people.

  3. Louis doesn't know squat about dogs.

    Those are BORED dogs. Their body language screams "what's the big deal, I wish my human would walk past something interesting, like some other dog's turd or a spilt bit of hamburger".

  4. *giggles* Too true. But then Louis doesn't know squat about anything.

  5. This is my favorite new blog!
    Peace and love


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