Arguing with Cathy Brennan 101

Prominent TERF Hatemonger Cathy Brennan being herself.

Trans Woman; Your statements are ignorant hateful bigotry with no basis in fact.

Brennen; You're a man and a bigot and a racist and I speak for all cis women and lesbians. Also, cis doesn't exist.

Trans Woman; No, you speak fot yourself and your followers only. Cis DOES exist. And exactly how am I racist for pointing out that you're a liar and a bigot?

Cathy Brennan; Stop trying to erase me and replace me with a pink monkey!

Trans Woman: Pink monkey? The hell? When did I ever mention monkeys?

Cathy Brennan; See! You cussed! You're clearly a violernt rapist and want to harm me! I feel threatened!

Trans woman: Wait what? Where did that even come from? I haven't threatened you in ANY way!

Cathy Brennan: Well I'm blocking you now. I've proven you're a violent rapist planning to replace all women with unnaturally coloured primates and EVERYONE can see I'm right. I must now block you for my own safety because you clearly want to rape me. Repeatedly. For weeks on end. Later Mister Pretendbian.

Trans Woman; ............................................................ um............................... what just happened here?


A Rebuttal To Errors In Michelle Goldberg's Gender Article For The New Yorker

The Article in question

I have a very huge problem with this article; It's claim that there is documented proof on Twitter and Tumblr that Trans Women regularly and routinely threaten TERFs with grievous bodily harm and even death. The author of the piece unintentionally admits as much by pointing out that it is TERFs cataloging all these threats.

Except no, they aren't. They're INVENTING threats.The supposed "Documentation" on TERF websites? Yeah those are almost all made up. TERFs create sock accounts and fake blogs and literally threaten themselves so they can have "proof" to point to about what violent confused men we all are. And the few cases where a screenshot IS of an actual trans woman? ALWAYS taken out of context. TERFs find trans women on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, harass, goad and verbally assault us relentlessly, until in angry frustration we say something to blow off steam, such as "Oh go die in a fire already". The problem is that they screencao and document ONLY the Blowing-Off-Of-Steam, and NOTHING else. Taken so drastically out of context? Of COURSE it looks to the uninformed observer like Trans women are "threatening TERFs with violence". But IN context, viewing the entire exchange in question, the truth always comes out.

There is only ONE proven documented incident of a Trans Woman wishing violence upon TERFs unprovoked, and that was a blogger on Bilerico simply saying she wouldn't lose any sleep if TERFs were all suddenly dead. And after YEARS of abuse and hate from TERFs, it's perfectly understandable why she feels that way.

But the rest? No. EVERY other TERF claim and "evidence" of threats by Trans Women has crumbled under scrutiny. Trans Women are NOT threats in any tangible way to TERFs except Idealistically. A trans woman venting in anger after ceaseless harassment is NOT an actual valid threat of bodily harm. Outing trans women and intentionally putting them in harm's way IS.

TERFs are a DIRECT threat to Trans Women. They Doxx us, outing private pre-transition info that directly puts many trans women in immediate danger of being fired, evicted, beaten, or even MURDERED.

No. This is NOT a "two sides to a story" issue, and there is no "it goes both ways" here. TERFs are the aggressors, Trans Women their targets. And TERFs will not stop until we cease to exist.

We aren't trying to erase their existence. THEY are trying to erase OURS.


Actual quotes from TERF activists online

How TERFs find their "evidence"

Proof of TERFs using Cis Privilege and Doxxing to silence and bully trans women who document their tactics


The Very Problematic Thing Disney Needs To Address With "Girl Meets World"

Alright, so, we're a few episodes into Girl Meets World now, and I feel that's shown me enough to come to a few conclusions about the show. It gets a lot of things right, but at least one very troubling thing wrong.


I'll leave singing the show's praises for everything it gets right to other people. And there IS a lot to the show that's good, even great. I want to talk about Farkle here, because Farkle is EXTREMELY problematic.

Farkle is the show's one lone Outdated Stereotype. All the other main characters do a pretty good job of not fitting into a cookie cutter, with the slight exception of Ben Savage veering occasionally into "Hollywood Overprotective Father". But Farkle is a throwback.

Farkle, you see, is the stereotypical "eccentric nerdy lech". He's a boy in Riley's (the Protagonist) class, who is very oddball, weird, nerdy/geeky, and borderline stalkery. The only thing he's missing for the full package is thick taped glasses and a snort laugh.

Farkle has a Stalkery Crush on both Riley and her best friend, frequently and rather arrogantly propositions them to date him/be his girlfriends, and never accepts their rejection as serious. He constantly leers at them and behaves as if by being Farkle (the smart one), he is somehow entitled to their affection and that they will inevitably say yes to him if he refuses to give up trying. Their telling him no has no effect on his resolve, except perhaps to strengthen it.

This behaviour in and of itself is bad enough. The primary audience for this show outside of nostalgic adults who loved it's 90's predecessor Boy Meets World, is pre-teen boys and girls. And that's where the biggest issue I have with Farkle's inappropriate relentless stalkery behaviour lies.

You see Riley's father, played by Ben Savage, (Corey from Boy Meets World all grown up), is RILEY'S TEACHER AT SCHOOL.

That means every day he directly witnesses Farkle bordering on pre-teen sexual harassment towards his daughter and her best friend.


In the 4 episodes that have aired thus far, more than one adult has witnessed Farkle acting in ways towards girls that could legitimately get an adult man slapped or possibly even arrested, adamantly refusing to respect their wishes and stop harassing them for a relationship neither of them want to have with him, and generally be an entitled little shit, and NOT ONE ADULT has told him this behaviour is not okay.

Farkle has done this even in Riley's apartment, in front of her bloody MOTHER, and even SHE has not admonished him for it in even the tiniest way. The adults seem to find his behaviour amusing. Not ONE of them has thus far pulled him aside to talk to him about boundaries and respect.

And the takeaway a LOT of the kids in the audience are going to get from this is that this behaviour is perfectly okay, because even though the girls keep rejecting him, the adults never tell him he's being bad.

For all the awesome stuff the show gets right, (from showing the "bad girl rebel" wanting to do right and be better and just struggling to cope with divorce issues in her family, to the Mom having a good career as a lawyer, to the new kid from Texas defying "Dumb Southerner" stereotypes and subverting him by cheerfully and blatantly pretending to play along with the girl who teases him with said stereotypes because him playing along ruins the joke for her), this one thing that it gets so infuriatingly wrong threatens to overshadow all the good.

Because when it comes right down to it, despite this being ostensibly a Kids Show? This one character and the refusal of the adult characters to deal with his creepy behaviour is reinforcing Rape Culture. And that is something that Disney seriously needs to address and correct.

Because it's 20-effing-14 now, and I shouldn't have to be explaining to my nieces and nephew why the way Farkle behaves is wrong, and why the adults should be talking to him about it.


The Bug Brennan & Friend Comedy Hour!

So... according to a pair of TERFs on Twitter, (one of whom I'm pretty certain was Bug Brennan on a sock account), my Twitter Avatar somehow proves that I'm really an "Autogynophile Man".

My Twitter Avatar
Can ANYONE explain this chasm-like leap in logic to me? Do only trans women have breasts and show cleavage or pose sexy? Have cis women NEVER done this EVER in the history of womankind? Is this one of their sad deluded "Only a man would pose like this" disconnects from reality?

I know one of the accounts tweeting TERF hate at me was a Bug sock, because she claimed I was a "famous violent autogynophile".

1) I'm nothing CLOSE to famous. I'm barely "vaguely heard of"

2) I'm not violent. I haven't been in a fistfight since my mid-teens. I have NEVER threatened a TERF with harm of ANY kind, nor have I ever taken their bait and harmlessly wished they'd die in a fire so they could twist it into proof of my "violent nature". For Bug to say I'm violent is a pure unadulterated lie to pad her false narrative.

3) I'm not Autogynophilic. Autogynophilia is the act of being sexually aroused by dressing as the opposite sex or imagining being them. It is more common among cis women than cis men, and, despite the claims of bigots, not prevalent among trans people AT ALL. I have never in my life been sexually aroused "by the thought of being a woman". I AM a woman. With next to zero sex drive. On the rare occasions I DO get aroused, it's because a woman I love is getting my motor going. Taking the pic above was NOT done for MY own sexual gratification, it was taken for the benefit of people who love me.It was one of the rare times I felt actually beautiful and so I took pictures for my beloveds.

Bottom line, TERFs have, yet again, proven that they're sad bald-faced liars, and that they need to lie to make their case because proven facts are simply NOT on their side.

If by any chance Bug is reading this, (And I KNOW she is because she's proven she stalks me now, trying to make me one of her poster girls for how Trans Women are "All Violent Men in Drag Out To Rape Women"), I'll make you a challenge.

I will give you my birth name, and leave you free to go digging all you like. You will not find ONE violent incident to my name outside of sealed Juvey records, and I've already publicly discussed the fights in my teens that put me in Juvey. You can dig until you hit molten core and will NEVER find ANY facts to prove your claim about me.

But we both know you won't accept my offer. Because you're a Doxxer. You've likely ALREADY picked through my life with a fine tooth comb looking for something to attack me with. You already KNOW your "Penny is violent" claims are bald-faced lies Bug. If there had been anything you could find that you could actually use, you'd have posted it all over the place.

I scare Cathy Brennan. Not because I'm "violent" as she falsely claims. But because she doesn't know how to discredit me. She doesn't know how to deal with me. My being intersexed is a pertinent reminder that she's wrong about sex and gender being immutable black & white constructs. By just EXISTING I prove Bug a liar and a bigot. And she doesn't know how to dismiss me.

She blocked me on her primary Twitter a few years ago, NOT because she was scared of me for harassing her, as she claims on her "I'm a Victim!" blog. (See my last blog entry for further details on that.). Twitter Records prove SHE was harassing me.

No, she blocked me because I was refusing to play along with her childish goading. She was looking for another "Oh go die in a fire!" tweet she could twist to fit her narrative, goading me with simplistic "your penis proves you're just a man" tweets. I kept replying "But I have a uterus too. By YOUR definition that makes me a "real woman" right?"

She couldn't figure out how to respond to that. And blocked me. And yet since then she's tried AGAIN to pick fights with me on Twitter TWICE, through her sock accounts. And always with her sad ridiculous claim that I'm a famous violent fetishist crossdresser. And every time I completely trounce her, not with fists, but with FACTS.

Because I HAVE the facts. And she does not.

I've said it before, I'll say it again; If you have to make up blatant lies to pad your argument, your argument was never valid in the first place.