About Today's Shooting in DC

I will send healing thoughts to the two people injured at the Family Research Council today.

But I will NOT let them off the hook for all the hatred and lies they spew which ultimately lead to  this. THEY caused this to happen. And they should be kissing Jesus' ass that it took SO long to finally push someone on our side to the breaking point of lowering himself to the violence THEIR side has inflicted upon us for FIFTY FUCKING YEARS.

LTBG people are beaten and murdered constantly, and FRC keeps preaching it's hatred and lies, always ignoring the damage their rhetoric  causes to good people. And they constantly downplay or outright disavow that violence, or any responsibility for contributing to it.

I KNOW that the FRC will learn NOTHING from this incident. They will most assuredly use it as a platform to "prove" gays are "the real bullies". They WILL play victim. And neither of their spokesmen, Peter Sprigg and Tony Perkins, will acknowledge that this ONE case of a gay man shooting at homophobes is massively dwarfed by literally hundreds of THOUSANDS of LTBG people murdered in God's name. They WILL use this one incident to scare the ignorant into filling their coffers so they can continue to fight to prevent right just equality.

They WILL continue to knowingly and willfully spread blatant lies and bigotry about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, and will continue the atmosphere of hatred that finally caused one of us to snap and return the favour after 50 years of Conservative Religious Right abuse of us.

What they will NOT do is the serious soul-searching and self-evaluation they need to be doing. What they will NOT do is accept or admit they brought this on themselves after decades of telling everyone that our entire community are evil pedophiles out to spread disease, corrupt your children and pervert America.

What they will not do, now or EVER, is the right thing.

I will NEVER condone ANY violence of this nature. And I hope very genuinely the two shooting victims survive and make a full recovery.

But I REFUSE to give the FRC a free pass on their deplorable evil behavior because some lunatic with a gun finally targeted THEM for a change.

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