Drinking the Kool-Aid

I have.... I HAD a friend. Like a sister to me. A trans woman, who I loved like family.

Yesterday she told me to go fuck myself, and deleted and blocked me on Facebook. Why? Because we got into an argument about politics.

The Libertarian Party in the USA is Tea Party politics. Its adherents can whitewash or deny the nature of their party all they like, but this remains a documented fact. Ron Paul and his party are the same as the Republicans. His policies and platform are anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-equality, anti-union, anti-healthcare. He is virulently and publicly homophobic, and has proven irrefutable ties to White Supremist groups.

He is NOT a nice man.

My now ex-friend is a Libertarian. For the  past few months as the US Presidential election heated up, she would frequently post a great deal of utter bullshit on her wall. Dishonest pictures showing false stats that were clearly anti-Obama for the sake of hating Obama, given how devoid of fact they were.

As I generally loathe discussing politics with loved ones, (unless you and they share nigh identical political ideologies, discussions about politics NEVER end well), I generally avoided commenting. At most I would politely correct her "factual errors" and provide a link to evidence proving it.

Yesterday she spent the bulk of the day attacking Obama and the Democratics convention, sharing blatant lies and thinly veiled racism.

She topped her party line hate-fest with a quote from the Goddess of the Tea Party, Ayn Rand;

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” 

This was enough to make me finally speak up directly. She's a trans woman, attacking the ONLY party in her country that gives a fuck about our kind, and blindly rabidly supporting a party that has confirmed it would implement anti-gay anti-trans policy into law if elected. Ron Paul signed NOM's bloody Marriage Pledge for fuck's sake! For reasons she herself could never adequately explain, she was pulling a GOProud; supporting politicians who would NEVER support her, defending men who would see her made lesser by law.

The Ayn Rand quote is a GREAT example of clueless irony, since Rand was herself very out of touch with reality. And a horrible author at that. She lived with a conspiracy theorist's sensibility and created a rigid philosophy of narrow contempt. Objectivism is NOT a philosophy that is at peace with the real world, and a government that followed it would do FAR more harm to its people than the Democratic leadership ever has or will. It's also an accidental trolling of the Tea Party, since that group in general is ALSO not deeply entrenched in reality.

So I told her that her support of a party that hates our kind made no sense and seemed self-loathing and destructive.

She immediately went walls up guns out release the hounds mode. She defended Ron Paul in the least sensible way imaginable; She said his homophobia doesn't matter because he's a neutral and wouldn't put his beliefs into policy, even though he completely HAS done so.

So I went A-Googlin'. I easily found several dozen links to new reports, blog entries, and documentation. I pasted her links to irrefutable evidence; The Libertarian Party's Official Platform, direct quotes from Ron Paul openly calling gays a sick filthy people, links to proof of his racist attitudes and his links to White Supremist groups, links to his signing NOM's hateful Marriage Pledge, in which he promises to, if ever elected President, put a nationwide constitutional amendment into law declaring only heterosexual marriage may ever be legal or recognized.

She replied that EVERY fact I showed her was a filthy lie concocted by the LIB'RUL MEDIA!!! (while of course refusing to link me to any documented proof of HER claims), and that because I wasn't a party member like her and thus had no "first hand" knowledge, I could not POSSIBLY know what I was talking about, because all MY info was third-hand media lies from liberal journalists with agendas.

I sighed, gave up trying and said fine, I give up, let's not argue anymore, I'll talk to you later. She replied with a FUCK YOU and blocked me.

So a 3 year friendship goes kaput because she drank the Kool-Aid. How an otherwise intelligent and proud trans woman could ever support a party who hates us while dishonestly attacking the one that would actually help make our lives better in her country is well beyond my ability to comprehend. Just like how I can't fathom how the quisling queers of GOProud and the Log-Cabin Republicans can publicly support the GOP as the best party for gay rights without spontaneously bursting into flames.

Seriously, the official Republican Party platform explicitly  calls for not only vehement opposition to any recognition of same-sex marriages or families, it expressly calls for EXISTING protections to be stricken from Federal  law. Any gay person supporting or defending the GOP is akin to a jewish man swearing the Nazis are the best party for Jewish rights. Same with Ron Paul.

ANY LTBG person who supports politicians who publicly and proudly advocate a platform that makes us LESSER under the law is a blind self-loathing Quisling.

The sad thing is when I first made friends with this woman, others who knew her warned me to avoid her, telling me what an aggressive psycho she was. I as always ignored such scuttlebutt and made my own decisions. In this case I'm realizing I should have perhaps given my friends' warnings some credence.

It's her loss. She proved herself a shallow frightened coward, disconnected from reality and self-loathing. And she chose to throw me away because I wouldn't support her lying.

To quote our own Katie LBT, (who REALLY needs to start posting some blogs here);

"Never throw over your friends for politics. Your political idols won't hold you when you cry - your friends will."

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  1. I agree, it makes no sense for any one on the LGBT spectrum to back the GOP at all. Are they so greedy that lower taxes are worth being treated as second class citizens at best or sub-humans at worst?


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