A dissertation on the mental deformity of function posessed by 60% of all men on the internet.

It is officially wired into the dna of roughly 60% of all men who use the internet; that the words "Lesbian" and "No" are always interpreted as code. The remaining 40% of men of course, hear lesbian and think "Ah rats, she's not into dudes, oh well!". They hear "no" and think "Well, can't blame a guy for trying right? You have a lovely day Miss!".

These are not the men this is describing.

To the 60%, referred to in scientific parlance as either "Massive cockmaggots" or simply "HNG's", these otherwise simple terms do not mean what they mean.

Whereas to normal, properly functioning brains NOT being deprived of blood flow by permanent erectile states, "Lesbian" means "Romantically and sexually attracted only to other women", and "No" means simply "No", the genetic code of the typical HING by it's naturally low intelligence and respect levels, is incapable of interpreting these two words correctly. Instead, they receive a specific misinterpretation from their undernourished brains, which works as follows;

Lesbian means either;
- Until I am cured by your magical penis (™ & ©), because I am only a lesbian because some big scary man hurt me and in my fear and confusion I turned foolishly to women, and if I just give you a chance you'll show me how much I really want a man
- I'm only SAYING I'm a lesbian to weed out pussy men not strong-willed enougfh to push me into admitting it's a lie, because only a strong forceful man like you is good enough for me. No matter how much I insist I really am a lesbian, it's only a test to see how determined you are, and if you just keep at it, eventually you will win my love because no woman ever really prefers pissy to your awesome magical penis (™ & ©).

No simply means;
- Yes you big silly, I'm only saying no because it's how I was raised, there's no possible way I could be telling the truth when I say I don't want your awesome magical penis (™ & ©) because, I mean, come on! It's an awesome magical penis! How could I possibly be serious about declining?

No amount of repetition of the actual definitions will ever be successful in counteracting this hardwired misinterpretation. The only effective treatment of this sad mental deformity is to block the HNG from being able to contact you. Or to tell them you have a penis and it is bigger than theirs.

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