Let's Make NOM's Bullshit Backfire!

The National Organization for Marriage, those stalwart defenders of complete and utter bullshit in the name of God, are urging people to send a robo-mailer to Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen because of her support of the repeal of DOMA. Like all antigay hate groups who lie for a living, NOM wants to bully the Congresswoman into ignoring her conscience and give in to fear and their bullying .

On their website here They have a robo-mailer form all nice and ready with their manipulative bile so you can help them bully the Congresswoman into backing out on basic fairness and equality.

Except they made a mistake. They left it editable. COMPLETELY editable.

So let's make NOM regret that mistake. Go to their form, but replace their header with THIS one

Please DO NOT support DOMA

And replace their manipulative hate-filled liefest body with THIS more honest and reasonable text;

"Dear Rep. Ros-Lehtinen,

I am commandeering a hate group's mass e-mailer to express my elation and deep gratitude that you would abandon traditional Republican bigotry and narrow-mindedness towards marriage, family, and basic compassionate equality. Marriage is a bedrock of our society, and I urge you to NEVER let false Christian hate groups like NOM bully you into re-considering your position on DOMA.

By co-sponsoring Rep. Nadler's bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, you are placing in jeopardy the paycheques of antigay marriage fearmongers in more the 40 states, threatening to impose their personal faith on secular law and make same-sex marriage a wedge issue to scare voters across the nation who have resoundingly rejected same-sex marriage at every turn ONLY because hate groups like NOM pour millions of mysterious wealthy donor money into lying, manipulative deceptive ad campaigns designed to scare people into fearing THE GAYZ are out to get their kids..

I urge you to dropkick any attempts by NOM or ant other lying Antigay Hate Group to threaten, bully or manipulate you into dropping your support for the repeal of DOMA, and to respect the voice of the American people, NOT the ones who were manipulated by fearmongering lie-filled ad campaigns into voting for bigotry, but the ones who consistently show in ever reputable poll that the majority in America DO favor marriage equality. Do what you know in your heart is right, not what religious frauds who denigrate their own God by lying in His name try to bully you into accepting."

Come on kids! Let's flip those lying bastards on their asses!

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  1. Wow they are really smart arn't they. Leaving themselves open to edit their letter like that. Talk about backfire =)

    love Grace


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