Canadian Evil

Yes folks, even here in Canada we have completely repulsive worthless pieces of human shit who gleefully use lies and distortions to demonize LGBT people under the guise of "merely expressing their Christian moral views".

Canada's answer to American Professional Lying Bigot groups such as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association is the "Institute for Canadian Values", which of course represents anything BUT actual Canadian values.

In a recent National Post, this deplorable full-page ad in the National Post, long a bastion of conservative rightwing bullshit.

This sleazy deceptive lie-filled ad is intended to sway the current Ontario provincial election. It's vile and repulsive and in no way reflects any truly moral values.

Feel better Yankees, we have lie-for-a-living fuckweasels too!


  1. I saw this on my news feed, earlier today, and I was absolutely appalled. It's SO reminiscent of what the far-right wing has tried to do (and achieved), here, in Alberta. They legalize gay marriage at the expense of children's right to an education. Now, parents can pull children out of classes if homosexuality, evolution, comprehensive sex-ed, gay marriage or any one of any of the taboo subjects Christian fundamentalists disagree with are taught in-class.

  2. Horrifying, but not surprising in the least. Ralph Klein was a total dickmaggot.


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