A Universal Truth About Debating

Christopher R. Barron is a self-proclaimed "Gay Conservative", for any among you who've never heard f his organization, GOProud.

While anyone living in the real world with a firm grip on reality knows that "Gay Conservative" is pretty much an oxymoron considering that anti-gay activism is carved in stone in Conservative Dogma, Chris continues to insist he is such a person, and that liberal gay activists are just a bunch of mean self-serving bullies unfairly picking on him.

Yes, a gay man using the NOM defense to accuse those he's screwing over of being the real aggressors.

Before we begin, a sample primer of the hypocritical Quisling douchebaggery that is Chris Barron.

Whitewashing anti-gay history of idiot he supports.

Defending a Republican bigot who says Gay is a sinful choice.

Downplaying the seriousness of the GOP's Anti-Gay animus.

Then doing an immediate 180 while condemning marriage equality.

Completely lying through his teeth to soothe his conscience.

Desperately clinging to his "Conservatives like me!" delusion despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary slapping him repeatedly in the face.

Jumping though ridiculously vontorted intellectual hoops to justify his cowardice.

That's just a small sample folks. The bottom line is that Chris Barron is a moral coward, a sellout, and a traitor to hist LGBT brothers and sisters.

Now when he made one of his usual lie-filled smug statements attacking the "Liberal Gay Left" as the villains while defending hateful policies and ideals, I tweeted at him that his actions were deplorable and his lies transparent. I was brutally honest. I chastised him for supporting people who are on record as wanting to have gays be anything from jailed to deported to outright executed. I called him, as so many do, a Quisling. (Look it up on Wikipedia and you'll see why).

Chris Barron is a collaborator. He's the worst kind of suck-up. He's the kid who sneaks into the locker room, steals other kids' lunch money, then gives it to the school bully at recess so HE won't get beat up, then goes home and brags to his mom how popular he is because he's the only kid in class who only got ONE black eye at recess when the other bullied kids all got two plus some broken ribs.

Barron, proving with only the slightest nudge that he is in fact everything I said he was, immediately resorted to the time-honored Rightwing Bully tactic of taking what I said to him, choosing only selected specific quotes, and retweeting them to his followers using said cherry-picked quotes to paint me in the worst light to his followers, knowing full well that the sort of folks who'd follow him on Twitter would be unlikely to go look at my timeline to get the full story. The kind of ignorant sheep who would follow any charismatic right-wing liar generally take those liars at face value and never try to educate themselves.

Following that, he resorted to a cheap sad fat joke at my expense rather than attempt to refute anything I said. Soon enough, to no intelligent person's surprise, his followers started in on me with the childish, juvenile insults. Some examples.


Your TL is a mess @ShamanOfHedon I suspect your whole life is too! GOProud is political group, they're NOT LGBT advocates, go bitch at them!
Maybe @ShamanOfHedon should spend her time bitching at people who really do hate her fat ass, like Dan Savage? Or is she a spineless drone?

Why do fat insecure girls like @shamanofhedon feel the need to attack people who hold different values?
Hey @shamanofhedon- @ChrisRBarron isn't out to shut down your top 5 favorite buffets- cut him some slack. Is it time for u 2b milked? #cow
@shamanofhedon... Another example of mad cow disease.


@ShamanOfHedon You are delusional.
@ShamanOfHedon The only state sponsored murdering of gays comes from the left. It's called abortion.


@ChrisRBarron @ShamanOfHedon Loosen the bone Wilma & lets see some of that "diversity" you claim to love so much

Now let's do a count.

Shallow juvenile weight jokes? Check.

Misogynist joke? Check.

Making baseless grandiose assumptions about how I can only be so mean to poor Chrissy-poo because my personal life must just suck ass? Check.

These fine upstanding folks, and every other one who tweeted at me, even the polite ones, have one undeniable thing in common with Chris; Not ONE of them, nor Chris himself, made a single attempt to refute my statements about Chris with any actual facts. Few tried refuting me at all, and the two, yes TWO, who did attempt to do so did so only with pathetic topic changing rhetoric about how it was the Democrats in 96 who signed DADT and DOMA into law. This is funny because I was never once discussing DOMA, DADT, or the Democrats, nor was I discussing anything that happened 15 bloody years ago. I was talking only about Chris Barron publicly supporting anti-gay Republicans TODAY.

A universal truth about any debate, one that always is guaranteed to let you know without any doubt that you are completely right and you've already won the debate. The unequivocal method of knowing your opponent has surrendered and conceded that you are 100% right without them having to actually say "Yes you're right".

When the only rebuttal your opponent can offer is to;

A) Make fun of your weight/Sex/Socioeconomic class and intone that by default because you are fat/female/poor your opinion is automatically worthless and should be ignored,

B) Bring up topics that at absolute best may have a slight tertiary connection to the actual topic being discussed as an attempt to sidetrack the discussion from the actual point they can't refute,

C) Selectively cherry-pick quotes from the bulk of what you said to make it seem as if you're saying one crude thing, completely stripping away all context surrounding it to make you appear to be a thug,

Then the debate is over. They've conceded, you've won. There is absolutely no doubt you're right and they're tacitly admitting to it in a way that lets them puff up their chest to look big and not gave to actually say it openly and honestly.

So the reactions of Mr. Barron and his twitter followers prove I'm very much correct in my assessment of him. He's conceded the debate. Of course he'll never openly admit that of course. Just like Anti-Gay hate groups like NOM, FRC and the AFA, he'll never OPENLY admit he knows he's wrong and is doing evil work in support of an oppressive ideology that hates gay people, even if his debate tactics prove he knows it's true.

But he knows it. And as an out gay man, if clearly not a proud one, he should be absolutely disgusted with himself.

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