A Note to Gentlemen Living in the Middle East using Dating Sites To Harass Canadian Women For Sex

I know, as I read extensively and watch news feeds from your part of the world, thart in most of your countries, women are treated as subhuman second-class citizens, the mythical superiority of men is just accepted as fact, and you're used to women being meek, submissive and never challenging you.

I know you also don't think lesbians exist. Canada is not one of your countries.

In MY country men and women are equals under the law. We don't need any man's permission for anything we choose to do with our own lives. We have the right to think, feel and speak as we wish to. Lesbians very much DO exist and can, under Canadian law, legally marry.

So if you Middle Eastern men who for some reason haven't found a slave to marry in your own country are going to insist on harassing me for sex or marriage, PLEASE stop acting surprised when I don't blindly obey you.

Stop acting shocked when I tell you NO.

Stop acting flustered and amazed when I refuse to obey your demands that I be humble and respectful towards you when by talking to me at all YOU are disrespecting ME through ignoring my clearly posted boundaries.

Stop laughing at the idea of me being a lesbian as if I was just being silly. It isn't something I say to dissuade men. It never dissuades ANYONE.

Stop trying to gloat that I'll never find a husband if I don't learn to be a good little girl and be nice to assholes like you. I never have nor ever will WANT a husband. You're just being stupid.

I am allowed to not want you. And I am not obligated to respect you when you refuse to respect me. I am CANADIAN, and Canadian women will kick your ass if you push your luck.

OUR women don't take bullshit from ANYONE.


  1. I do agree with you. Women should not be bullied by men. We deserve to be respected and anyhow should be loved and be cared of. It is really a nice post.

  2. I agree respect should come from both sides. Ans surely a man has to give to right example.


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