T-Si Censors Me In Pure Cowardice

And Ironically in doing so completely validates the argument I put forth in my last blog entry.

This is the text of the e-mail the T-Si site owner sent me. It includes the full text of the comment of mine that she deleted and the supposed TOS violations she claims justify the censorship. Decide for yourselves.


> Penny,
> Your comment on TS-Si.org, posted to "Autumn
> > die-for-your-si
> ns> Sandeen (did not) Die For Your Sins", located at
> http://ts-si.org/guest-columns/24747-autumn-sandeen-did-not-die-
> for-your-sin
> s,
> has been placed on moderation pending resolution of Terms of Usage
> Violations. The comment was posted at 2010-04-30 18:36:17 under
> the title
> "Evangelia, you just proved my point for me."
> The comment text contains excessively personal attacks, invidious
> comparisons, and potentially libelous statements. Please
> consider revising
> the text and resubmitting it at your convenience. For
> convenience, we have
> included (below) your original text and our terms.
> Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
> Sharon S. Gaughan
> TS-Si Co-Founder, VP & Executive Director
> Managing Editor, TS-Si.org
> http://ts-si.org
> "Evangelia, you just proved my point for me." By Penny
> Sautereau-Fife
> You just sounded EXACTLY like every Christian, Republican, Rad-
> Fem hate
> blogger justifying their bigotry. A bigot never THINKS they're a
> bigot no
> matter how many people say otherwise. And as I have not attacked
> you, only
> your behavior, your sudden shift into subtly being derogatory
> towards me
> personally is even more telling. You are in fact, being very
> much a bigot by
> insisting stubbornly to misgender Autumn and adamantly refusing
> to change
> such hatemongering unless Autumn changes to conform to what YOU
> believe. But
> no, you're not bigoted at all are you. Just like a Christian
> vehementlycondemning homosexuality isn't being a bigot because
> gee gosh, they're
> attacking the SIN of homosexuality, not the homosexuals themselves!
> Like it or not your words just now have effectively proven me
> right. Change
> a few names here and there and that reply could have as easily
> been one of
> Matt Barber or Peter LaBarbera's anti-gay rants.
> You believe whatever you like personally about Autumn, but as
> long as you
> repeatedly, wilfully and intentionally misgender her and justify with
> euphemisms, backpedalling and frankly, utter double-talking hair-
> splittingbullshit to swear up and down you're not being hateful
> towards her, you
> cannot fairly expect anyone to take you yourself seriously. I
> could very
> easily play the "I have a uterus so I'm more real than you"
> card, but I
> don't. Because I am not a bigot. If you say you live full-time
> 24/7 as a
> woman, I accept that because it's how you identify yourself.
> Your genitals,
> whatever they might be, are none of my damned business, and even
> if you told
> me every 5 minutes what's in your pants well, it may make
> me sick of you as
> a person, but I won't call you sir because it annoys me. Autumn lives
> full-time in a female role. She does not do this for sexual
> gratification.She risks violence every time she leaves the
> house. That would not change if
> she got srs. srs is NOT the cure to transsexuality, it is simply
> one of the
> possible treatments. Autumn identifies as female. THAT is what
> you and
> Josephine keep attacking. You point out her tactics, character
> flaws and
> issues as secondary to what offends you most, her lack of SRS.
> THAT is my
> issue with you. THAT is bigotry and hatemongering. You misgender
> her out of
> your personal biases, and any valid points you have about
> Autumn's other bs
> is immediately rendered secondary and pointless. Even if Autumn
> did get SRS,
> her character flaws would still be there. What would be your
> excuse then?
> Would your complaint become then "You got your pussy now shut up
> and go
> stealth like the rest of us"?
> Not that I expect you to get it. I've read all you and J's rebuttals.
> Between pseudo-babble and snide condescending dismissals, you
> think you're
> defending yourselves against my points but in fact just proving
> them. I've
> dissected every tripe argument you throw at me, you're still
> dodging the
> root issue.
> The presentation of your criticisms of Autumn's behavior,
> however valid in
> point, is rendered null by the clear and blatant bigotry and
> hatred you're
> displaying. You are doing to her something you personally know
> hurts deeply
> because it's likely been done to you and hurt you. That above
> all else is my
> biggest issues with this garbage. You KNOW you're being hurtful
> and instead
> of apologising and focusing on Autumn's self-serving behavior,
> you instead
> go the right-wing asshole route of trying to explain why your
> clear bigotry
> isn't really bigotry.
> Try again. This time use the brain you clearly posess and look
> at my points
> instead of dismissing them so you don't have to admit you fucked up.
> ^^^^^^^^^^
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If you read through the comments section on the original offending article here, you will see many comments that contain more direct personal attacks than anything I said, including the last comment by Evangelina which my "offending comment" was a reply TO. Again, judge for yourself. Unlike SOME people, I'm not afraid to risk being disagreed with, as I have the figurative balls to stand by any point I make, and the strength to admit when I'm proven to be misguided or outright mistaken. Sadly the staff of T-Si seems to not share that particular moral fibre. I'm FAR from perfect, but I'm no coward.


  1. I'm reminded now why I don't like going to and posting on a lot of blogs... people who moderate out comments that are challenging to them and say things they don't like are people who are too insecure to generally be worth saying anything of substance to.

    Oh well... We know the truth.

  2. I found it a challenge to reply in polite terms. That was quite possibly the most foetid article I've seen in a usually respectable site.

    Your reply was right on - I might have moderated the tone, made it a little more ho-falutin, but the sentiments are, if anything, less incandescent than my own.

    I better leave it at that, or I'll blow my repuatition for being calm no matter what the provocation.

    Being polite to Julie Bindel was easier!

  3. I personally find this article disturbing based on several thing, but also the fact the sites mission is:
    "TS-Si is dedicated to the acceptance, medical treatment, and legal protection of individuals correcting the misalignment of their brains and their anatomical sex, while supporting their transition into society."
    After reading a article like this, with it's mis-gendering of Autumn and how site moderator would defend the article, I find it no better than the trash media outlets that do the same thing. You will not find me supporting this site at ALL.
    BTW, it seems that (from the comments) any trans person who has not had SRS is just a transvestite. I for one am in the middle of my transition (al be it long 8 year transition), and can't afford SRS right now. If I could get it today I would, but since financial issues cause me not to be able to get it now (if ever), I'm stuck in the middle. These same people would tell me that if you really wanted to get SRS, you find a way. Beside robbing a back or selling my body, there is not much else I can do, and I refuse to go down that road. I also have a family to support on top of all this. I still plan to go fulltime as soon as I can, even if I can't get SRS. But under there terms, I'm a transvestite. WRONG. I am a transsexual and I identify as a women, period! This is the first time I have been so disgusted by a trans site that I would refuse to support a site.
    Unless I'm missing something ybe there mission statement should read:
    "If you've had SRS, TS-Si is dedicated to the acceptance, medical treatment, and legal protection of individuals correcting the misalignment of their brains and their anatomical sex, while supporting their transition into society."

  4. Wow... just... wow.

    I mean, the worst I could see is that you maybe used inappropraite language, and then I looked at what you were replying to and I must admit, I am impressed with how well you held yourself in check.

    I was going to keep looking at TS-SI, but after this, I really can't stomach that. Why do people insist on being so hateful?

  5. For Michelle..

    You said... "BTW, it seems that (from the comments) any trans person who has not had SRS is just a transvestite"

    That is not what is being said. If you take the time to look around ts-si.org, you will find many articles that cover this misconception.

    What is said is that a transsexual must have the desire and the will to work toward srs, or they are not transsexual.

    You would not want someone to classify you as a transvestite, right? yet you do know there are transvestites and cross dressers out there that have no problem claiming the title of transsexual.

    If you allow that to happen, and you support their right to claim that title, then why would you get offended if someone called you a transvestive also? Since you are not challenging transvestites and crossdressers when they claim to be transsexual, you are in essence saying that the two are the same.

    The Autumn Sandeen's of the world are representing you and I to lawmakers. Personaly I have no wish to be represented by anyone, and if I was going to be represented by someone, it would not be someone that is mired in the GLBT movement. I have been corrected some 25 years now. What happens from here on out is going to effect you, not me, and I thank god that when I was going through transition, I was able to represent myself to the world, without someone like Autumn Sandeen doing it for me.

    Thank you

  6. I would rather be represented to the world by a woman with Autumn's courage and character than by a closed-minded self-hating bigot betraying her own community and giving the oppressors ammunition and excuses to fuck us over.


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