Predictable Cowardice In Defeat

As many of you know, I'm a laundry list of health problems, which generally limit my ability to function outside the house. So it's no surprise really that, aside of my wife, the internet comprises the bulk of my social life and human interaction. And while I'm certainly no stranger to trolls, as evidenced by past blogs about them, I do find a certain kind of trolling I was recently reminded enough very interesting in the current political climate south of the border.

Tea Party wingnuts down in Yankee-land make Stephen Harper's Conservatives look like the Bill Clinton fan club by comparison. Far right leaning people have a well documented history of seriously insane distortions of facts and outright lies in their attempt to force the rest of the world to revert to a fictional 1950's utopia of God-Fearing family values, women in the kitchen, blacks driving your car, mexicans in the garden and homosexuals rotting in a shallow grave. Their perfect world.

The reason this is on my mind is because of a couple idiots on YouTube, very right-wing in their political opinions, tried to out-argue me about whether Glenn Beck lies, the "horrors" of Obamacare, why their taxes shouldn't have to pay for the medical needs of lazy freeloaders, etcetera etcetera yadda yadda.

To the surprise of no intelligent person, I trounced their every argument, complete with evidence and facts to back me up. I outquoted the Bible to them, offered direct links to indisputable proof that Glenn Beck lies like he breathes, and offered first person knowledge of Canada's universal healthcare system and it's effectiveness while pointing out that the US could have had the same thing had Obama not caved in to right-wing paranoia and severely gutted the bill, so calling it Obamacare is unfair at best given it's a stunted castrated worthless bill designed to appease the paranoid delusions of the Rich Right.

The afore-mentioned specific trolling comes into play here. However insane their political ideology, I do believe at first they were at least attempting a legitimate debate with me. When I successfully trounced them at every turn with facts and logic, they lapsed into blatant trolling. They followed my username to a video of me talking about Entertainment Tonight's trans double standard, (Chaz Bono is brave and special, Alexsis Arquette is a joke and a freakshow, go figure), and resorted to insulting my weight, gender, sexuality, et al.

Get that? Because they failed to out-debate me, because they could not counter my points, because everyone else on the threads agreed I trounced them in the argument, the only way they felt they could save face was to try and undermine everything I said by mocking physical features of my body beyond my control and by suggesting my gender issues negate any political arguments I could make.


"People are laughing at your ugly ass. Are you a man or a woman? My guess is neither. You can't decide what you want to be and you want to discuss politics. Get fucking real."

"Oh my god. I dont know whether to laugh or to run for cover. That thing is hideous."

"You look like something from Tromaville or Wrong Turn. Somebody oughta club your libtard ass."

"How can anyone take you seriously? You chopped off your weiner for christ's sake."

So let's review; They had no facts that successfully countered me. They could not come up with any intelligent or logical rebuttal to my proof. They were so thoroughly trounced that they had two options. The option reasonable intelligent people take, which is to admit they were wrong about try to educate themselves better about the issues.

Clearly they did not choose this option. They, like about 95% of Teabaggers and Right-wing wingnuts always take.

Christian Right Playbook 101; When facts get in the way of your beliefs, NEVER bend to the facts because the facts are left wing liberal hippy lies. Instead point out somethhing arbitrary about the person who out-argued you, ridicule it relentlessly with crude immaturity and sexist/homophobic/transphobic rhetoric, and then suggest that because the person who trounced you is gay/trans/black/female/etc is obviously confused and has an agenda and should NEVER be taken seriously.

So, because I'm an intersexed woman, I apparently can't even decide what I am and therefore have no business discussing politics with them there white menfolk.

A-Hyuk y'all.


  1. Frankly, Penny, I don't even understand how you can still bother to argue with these people. It's extremely likely that they will just never understand.

  2. Oh I don't argue. I just state the truthfuyl facts I know they can never out argue and then watch with amusement to see what kind of insanity they'll come up with to explain me away. It can be very facsinating.


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