Positive Change Is Always Good

Whereever it can be found, positive change is a good thing. And today I am very proud of my little sister trans woman Danielle Foxxx, adult film actress and generally nice girl.

In October I blogged about her website. She had returned to sex film work after recovering from her SRS. I and a few other outspoken girls took issue with what she chose to call her post-op website.

Danielle is a wonderful person, and I've gotten to know her very well in the past few months. Which is not to say she can't be a calculating bitch, (as she will proudly tell you, hehe), but at heart she's a good woman and very human. And while she steadfastly assures me that it was solely for money and marketing reasons, she has changed her site.

Sex Change Tranny is gone. Welcome to the web Sex Change Girl.

Thank you Danielle. Even though you only did it for the money. *winks*

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