Self-Confidence is a Wonderful Thing

So all you lot who know me know that I am, or at least prior to my surgery was, a huge bundle of various insecurities. But whilst talking to a beloved, something occurred to me. One insecurity I haven't had since my teens.

It's funny. My sexual and social confidence has bloomed greatly since my testicle removal surgery. My body feels right, I'm happy, I feel more right in my own skin. To coin a witty phrase, I have more balls now that I had my balls removed than I ever had when I had balls, lol.

And with that blossoming confidence, comes self-realization.

And I have suddenly realized... I am actually cocky about my oral skills.

It's one sexual thing I've NEVER, since after my first time doing so, doubted or feared I'm no good at.

I mean, I've ALWAYS feared I couldn't please a lover with just Miss Clitty alone, despite her girthyness, because she doesn't always last long. But I realize now that the only time I EVER had insecurities about my oral skills was the first time I did it, and those insecurities were very quickly quashed by the woman I did it to.

The first time I gave oral, I was 19, in Vernon, with an escort. She let me because I said I'd never done it before and wanted to try. Then almost immediately refused for a few minutes to believe I never had given oral before.THEN finally gave me my money back because she figured my giving her 8 orgasms in 7 minutes was more than enough payment.

So I guess I just from then on KNEW I was decent enough with my mouth. I don't THINK it. I actually 110% firmly KNOW it to be true. Because I have NEVER given a woman oral and NOT gotten a few "Oh my fucking god!" results.

So yes, dammit, I'm gonna brag. Because I'm Penny, my tongue is divine, my lips are ambrosia, and I WILL leave you a blissful gooey puddle if you let me. Because I'm THAT damned good. And with my confidence soaring post-op, I think it's well past time I had the confidence to BE confident.

I think I've earned the right to brag a little bit after four decades of being a carpet. Don't you agree?

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