A Rebuttal To Errors In Michelle Goldberg's Gender Article For The New Yorker

The Article in question

I have a very huge problem with this article; It's claim that there is documented proof on Twitter and Tumblr that Trans Women regularly and routinely threaten TERFs with grievous bodily harm and even death. The author of the piece unintentionally admits as much by pointing out that it is TERFs cataloging all these threats.

Except no, they aren't. They're INVENTING threats.The supposed "Documentation" on TERF websites? Yeah those are almost all made up. TERFs create sock accounts and fake blogs and literally threaten themselves so they can have "proof" to point to about what violent confused men we all are. And the few cases where a screenshot IS of an actual trans woman? ALWAYS taken out of context. TERFs find trans women on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, harass, goad and verbally assault us relentlessly, until in angry frustration we say something to blow off steam, such as "Oh go die in a fire already". The problem is that they screencao and document ONLY the Blowing-Off-Of-Steam, and NOTHING else. Taken so drastically out of context? Of COURSE it looks to the uninformed observer like Trans women are "threatening TERFs with violence". But IN context, viewing the entire exchange in question, the truth always comes out.

There is only ONE proven documented incident of a Trans Woman wishing violence upon TERFs unprovoked, and that was a blogger on Bilerico simply saying she wouldn't lose any sleep if TERFs were all suddenly dead. And after YEARS of abuse and hate from TERFs, it's perfectly understandable why she feels that way.

But the rest? No. EVERY other TERF claim and "evidence" of threats by Trans Women has crumbled under scrutiny. Trans Women are NOT threats in any tangible way to TERFs except Idealistically. A trans woman venting in anger after ceaseless harassment is NOT an actual valid threat of bodily harm. Outing trans women and intentionally putting them in harm's way IS.

TERFs are a DIRECT threat to Trans Women. They Doxx us, outing private pre-transition info that directly puts many trans women in immediate danger of being fired, evicted, beaten, or even MURDERED.

No. This is NOT a "two sides to a story" issue, and there is no "it goes both ways" here. TERFs are the aggressors, Trans Women their targets. And TERFs will not stop until we cease to exist.

We aren't trying to erase their existence. THEY are trying to erase OURS.


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