RadFem Training Hive Goes Down?

The Vancouver Rape Relief website is gone.

Vancouver Rape Relief is a supposed Rape Cris & Counseling service, but they have a LONG and documented history of abusive treatment towards ANY woman who doesn't fit what they define as a proper woman.

When I was going to WAVAW for counseling they had THREE FULL BINDERS of NOTHING but womens' complaints about being treated like shit at VRR.

- Punk rock girls who were slut-shamed
- Fat women accused of attention seeking
- Party girls told to dress like ladies
- Trans women outright told to get the fuck out.
- Ftms and butch lesbians told to come back when they learn how to be women.

I once called VRR for crisis counseling, before I knew their rep. The woman I was talking to openly laughed at me, told me to clear the line for "real" victims, and hung up on me.

I would normally never gloat at the failing of a rape shelter crisis agency, but they have NEVER been that. They were a professional RadFem breeding ground and brainwashing centre.

If this means they've finally been shut down? HAPPY PENNY.

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