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UPDATE Justin no longer works at Change.org and Shelby Knox has personally apologised to me for the ridiculous way in which he treated me. I consider the issue resolved.

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Change.org Community Manager "Justin" has TWICE deleted my account from Change.org and deleted comments I posted. Why? Because as a Rape Survivor I stood up to crude offensive rape apologist men in comments threads on Change.org. I double checked, every misogynist sexist "Oh rape isn't so bad you bitches probably liked it get over yourselves" type comment I responded to remains online, unedited, uncensored, and clearly not deleted. My justifiably angry "You are a hateful idiot and your disgusting neanderthal opinion of rape survivors is disgusting as are you" replies all are deleted.

Justin's explanation for censoring me amounted to a condescending "There there little lady, we can't have wimmins posting angry profane comments to our lil ole activism site, even if that big ole man is being a bit douchey."

So click that button, sign that petition while it still exists because I'm DAMN sure Justin will delete it. He's proven he's a selective activist, and a man who will happily punish the victim if she stands up for herself.

Sign it before it's gone.


  1. Interesting, I've signed the petition twice and it still shows 0 signatures. I think they have sabotaged the petition already.

  2. Signed. Goddamnit, I am so fucking tired of misogyny within supposedly progressive spaces. "We're fighting for the betterment of all!" is quickly shown to be a lie. It's more like, "We're fighting for inclusion of the few white men the establishment doesn't currently support!" Dan Savage jumps to mind. Ugh ugh ugh.

  3. Signed. I expect better from Change.Org.

  4. And now the petition is gone. I'm tired of manarchist, fauxgressive men, basically activism for men only. It's such crap.


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