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If anyone noticed that GudbuytJane has been removed from the Friends of Hedon sidebar, it is because she showed a personal cowardice to me that I cann't condone, and she is no longer deserving of space on my blog.

She posted a blog entry you see, concerning the Lady GaGa/Beyonce video for Telephone, in which she stated she believes GaGa was confirming negative attides towards trans/IS people and she should be condemned for it. I disagreed with that assessment, as I believe her tongue-in-cheek bit in the video where she slyly addresses the long running "GaGa is a herm" rumours was actually very positive about transfolk, when the butch prison gaurd said it was "too bad" GaGa lacked a penis, intoning that a girl with a penis isn't such a bad thing.

So I tried posting a comment to this effect. Noting that she had recently begun censoring disagreeable comments, I didn't think mine would be, as she had thus far disallowed only blatantly transphobic comments. However as she didn't like my opinion, she decided my comment would not be posted either, under the flimsy excuse of my supposedly using "Ableist language" by referring to Right-Wing censorship as "Batshittery". Given she and I have discussed Ableism before, she knows that excuse is flimsy at best and cowardly at worst, and the bottom line, as evidenced by the fact that NO comment disagreeing with her GaGa opinion was allowed through, is that she did not like being disagreed with.

Jane knows she has NO right to chastise me about ANYTHING Ablesist. SHE is perfectly healthy with no mental illness issues whereas I'm in a wheelchair with chronic clinical depression. She has no more right to chastise me for non-existant ableist language than she would to tell a black man he's not ALLOWED to use the N-Word should he so choose, regardless of her personal opinions. And she KNOWS it. So the Ableist language excuse was a really bad attempt at hiding her insecurity. Jane is on the cusp of lapsing into Voz Latina territory, where EVERYONE not Trans is the enemy, out to get transfolk, and anyone who disagrees is a concern troll.

Like Voz before her, whom I sadly still love dearly despite having NO respect left for, Jane has lost the war with herself to not let her negative experiences dominate her behavior. And like Voz, she's perfectly welcome to her opinions, no matter how skewed or unfair or clouded by bitterness.

But there is NO room on THIS blog, even just a little bit in the sidebar, for someone who sees transhate everywhere with such blind fervour that they refuse to allow anyone to point out positive trans messages exist.

I cut ties with Voz because Voz said ALL cis women are out to silence and destroy trans women, knowing a cis woman married me. And Voz's response to me pointing out the FACTUAL TRUTH that in fact, NOT all cis women want us dead, was concern trolling and if I loved her I'd shut up and just agree with her ranting.

And I'm cutting ties with Jane because I have NO patience for someone with her white, able-bodied privilege using ableism as an excuse to censor me because I saw positives in GaGa's message.

Those of you who read my blog know I'm VEHEMENTLY against censorship, even of things I dislike. You can see that proven easily enough scrolling through the comments on some entries, with some very nasty childish insipid attacks left untouched. The moment you can't cope with someone publicly disagreeing with you to the point you have to silence them to feel unchallengged in your opinion is the moment your opinion becomes worthless to me.

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