New Hedon Word of the Week; Nastard

Having recently felt the ire of a celebrity and his rabid fans because I had the utter gall to politely and courteously disagree with his humor about Breast Cancer, I was reminded of one of the many verbal mish-mashes Fran makes. It seemed like a perfectly good basis for a new entry in the Word of the Week series, and so I have given Fran's slip of the tongue a formal definition, dedicated to famed dick-joke aficionado Kevin Smith and his legions of rabid aggressive fans.

Nastard (NAHS tard) Noun - A person, male or female but usually male, who, incapable of maturely accepting even the most polite opinion that differs from their own, will either launch into a vitriolic attack of the person disagreeing, and/or convince others in their thrall to engage in the deplorable behavior for them. Could be considered a contraction of "Nasty Bastard". A Nastard refuses to allow even the tiniest shred of differing opinion into their world view, no matter the reason or basis. Anyone telling a Nastard that they think the Nastard is wrong or misguided in anything will be on the receiving end of juvenile, sexist, often misogynist verbal attacks questioning their sense of humor,their understanding of the facts, their intellect, and even their worthiness of being a life form. The victim of a Nastard will be vilified and verbally crucified in blind defense of the Alpha Nastard's worldview.

Example - When I told Kevin Smith very nicely and courteously that I was going to unfollow him on Twitter because I personally felt that his making jokes about Breast Cancer involving fucking and cumming on women's breasts as being the most valid reason to donate to Cancer research were in poor taste and going a little overboard, he became a total Nastard, sicking his other fans on me en masse on Twitter, resulting in a day of verbal onslaughts calling me a stuck-up humorless breast and sex hating feminist bitch who both doesn't get his humour and makes real women look bad, all because I politely told him his jokes were not to my tastes.

This has been your Hedon Word of the Week. Use it, live it, love it. There's certainly enough people to fit it online.

UNRELATED NOTE - Roman Polanski DRUGGED AND RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. Fuck every single Hollywood asshole supporting him like he's an exiled hero. HE RAPED A CHILD. That is the bottom line.

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